Volume 4, Issue 10
May 2012

IngotDean Jefferson Honored with NALP President's Award

Mina JeffersonMina Jones Jefferson '90, Assistant Dean and Director, Center for Professional Development, was named a 2011-2012 President's Award Winner—one of the highest honors in the field—at the annual meeting of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP). Dean Jefferson was lauded for her work as chairperson of NALP's Employment Outcomes Task Force. (Read More)

IngotProfessor Houh Awarded Goldman Prize for Teaching Excellence

Emily HouhFor the students lucky enough to have had Professor Emily M.S. Houh for Contracts in their first semester of law school, she set the bar in terms of what to look for in a professor. It was immediately evident to her students that Professor Houh has full command of the material, and they appreciated her ability to present it in a clear, organized manner. She has mastered the surely difficult skill of leading a classroom of over 80 students, in which all felt personally accountable for the material, and all have an opportunity to participate and many different voices are heard.   (Read More)

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IngotAssistant Professor Sean Mangan Receives Goldman Award in his Inaugural Year at UC Law

Sean ManganLaw students must understand the theory of law however, just as importantly, they must learn how to translate those theories and knowledge into practice. Law students at the University of Cincinnati are afforded the opportunity to gain very necessary skill sets with the addition of Professor Sean Mangan to the faculty. In his first year of teaching, Professor Mangan has made an integral contribution towards developing curriculum to combine real-world, clinical, and academic experiences into the classroom. (Read More)


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IngotGoldman Prize Underscores Professor Moore's Commitment to Students

Janet MooreThe Goldman Prize is awarded to University of Cincinnati College of Law professors who distinguish themselves in classroom performance, research, and public service.  What’s amazing about Professor Janet Moore's contribution and excellence in these categories is how quickly she has made an impact on this school and the lives of its students. (Read More)

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IngotFrom Bearcat Basketball to the Business World, David Tenwick Values His UC Experience

David TenwickWhen reflecting on everything he has accomplished to date, it is clear how special the University of Cincinnati is to David Tenwick '62. "I'm proud to be a UC graduate," said Tenwick, who currently is Chairman of AdCare Health Systems, Inc., a long-term care business he founded in 1991. "I owe much of my success to the education I received at UC and to the valuable lessons I learned in the process." (Read More)

IngotCommitment to Work, Clients, and Community Drives Mary Rust '87

Mary RustAs a finance major at Miami University, Mary Rust took the LSAT, knowing she might pursue a law degree at some point. After graduating from Miami in 1984, knowing her test scores would remain good for five years, Rust took a job with a bank in Detroit. In about a month's time, however, Rust realized she did not want to be a loan officer. So she placed a call to the College of Law, hoping there might be an opening in the Class of 1987. (Read More)

IngotChanvisanuruk Named Staff Recipient of the Marian Spencer Diversity Ambassador Award

Joel ChanvisanurukJoel Chanvisanuruk was named staff recipient of the Marian Spencer Diversity Ambassador Award at the university's recent Diversity Conference. The award is presented each year to highlight campus-affiliated individuals and groups whose diversity initiatives have positively impacted the university. Chanvisanuruk is the law school's Academic Success Director and head of the Diversity Committee. (Read More)

Ingot2012 Distinguished Alumni Awards Celebrated Dan Carmichael, the Honorable Cheryl D. Grant, and James Kennedy.

Congratulations to Daniel P. Carmichael '68, the Honorable Cheryl D. Grant '73, and James C. Kennedy '76, this year's recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Award. The awards were presented at the annual luncheon, held on May 11, 2012 at the Westin Cincinnati. Over 170 alumni, colleagues, family, and friends attended this event. If you missed it, be sure to visit the online photo directory to see what happened. (View Photos)


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