UC College of Law
Volume 5, Issue 1
October 2012

IngotApplication Available for Fall 2013 JD Admission

On Saturday, September 1, 2012, the application for admission to the JD program for Fall 2013 went live. The College of Law provides two options to apply: Regular Decision and Early Decision programs. Regular Decision applications are due by March 1, 2013 with decisions made on a rolling basis by the law school’s admission committee. Applications through the binding Early Decision program are due by December 1, 2012. Early Decision is intended only for applicants who have researched their legal education options and already concluded UC Law is their first choice. Once admitted, Early Decision applicants must then withdraw applications they had previously submitted to any other law school. To learn more, or to apply today, click here.


IngotHuman Rights Fellows Span the Globe in 2012

UN studentsFor over 30 years, UC Law’s Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights has been a leader in the education and training of human rights lawyers. This past summer was no exception as law students once again gained invaluable experiences at placements around the world. The list this year included placements with the following organizations: Irish Centre, Galway, Ireland; Essex Human Rights Centre, Colchester, England; Int’l Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ITCY), The Hague, Netherlands; Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland; South Africa Lawyers for Human Rights, Northern South Africa; Dow & Associates, Botswana; High Court, Botswana; Northern Ireland Human Rights Org., Northern Ireland; Associação Saúde Criança, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Farmworker Legal Services, Kalamazoo, Michigan; Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, Utrecht; Schonbrun, De Simone, Seplow, Harris, Hoffman & Harrison, LLP, Venice, California.

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IngotLegal Careers Begin for the Class of 2015

In August, the UC College of Law welcomed the Class of 2015—an impressive and diverse group of 103 students. Collectively they represent over 50 undergraduate institutions, 18 states, and 38 different undergraduate majors (from Chemistry and Music to Finance and Mechanical Engineering). Ages of the students range from 20 to 44. View a profile of the class.

The College of Law received 1,356 applications for fall 2012 JD admission, a strong showing after 2011 – a year the law school received its second highest number of applications ever with over 1,550. “The law school’s annual survey of incoming students found that many factors played a role in their decisions to choose UC Law. Among the top of the list this year were the cost of tuition, bar passage rates, and the quality of life in Cincinnati,” said Al Watson, Senior Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions.

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IngotNew York Alumnus Creates Fellowship Program in Legal and Business Training

EichnerIan Bruce Eichner '69 had "fond memories" of his three years at the College of Law and, more than 40 years later, he decided to give back by creating a fellowship program. This summer, two 3L students, Matt Mikhail and Yinan Zhang, gained hands on legal and business training at Eichner's New York City real estate development business, The Continuum Company LLC. Their exploration of non-traditional career paths came as part of the Eichner Family Foundation Entrepreneurship Fellows Program started by the Continuum CEO. (Read More)

IngotLaw School Hosts Social Justice Feminism Conference

From October 25-27, UC Law’s Center for Race, Gender and Social Justice will host the Social Justice Feminism Conference – an event aimed at bringing together advocates, activists, and scholars in conversation about women’s movements, building community, and advocating for social justice. (Read more.)

IngotMobile Version of UC Law Website Launched

cell phone

UC Law has just launched a mobile version of its website, making it easier for smartphone and tablet users to access information quickly about the law school. “The new mobile website is a quick reference guide for our law school audience,” said Sherry Y. English, Director of Communications at the school. “It highlights important student information such as the academic calendar, career information, and program information. Visitors will also find information about law library hours, room scheduling, and news and events.” Users visiting the law school at www.law.uc.edu via a smartphone or tablet will be automatically directed to the new mobile site, which features access to the most popular parts of the school’s full website. According to a June 2012 Pew Research study, almost one in five cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, instead of a computer or other device. Of the 88% of American adults who own cell phones, 55% use the device to go online. 


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