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About the Immigration and Nationality Law Review

"I wanted to work with INLR because I had a personal connection with the issues [and] I wanted to promote discussion about the topic."

- Maria Gonzalez '09

The Immigration and Nationality Law Review (INLR) is an internationally recognized annual law journal published by William S. Hein & Co., Inc. of New York. Created in 1976, the INLR was originally a reprint journal, serving the scholarly community as an anthology of the most seminal law review articles on immigration and nationality while including legislative summaries and a limited number of original contributions.

Maria Gonzalez

Since its move to the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 1998 from Western New England College of Law, the journal has substantially expanded to include student casenotes, comments, book reviews and essays. Today, the INLR is one of only two major student-edited American law journals focusing on immigration law, the other being the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal. The INLR's broad scholarly scope often transcends the subject of immigration and encompasses the related fields of constitutional and criminal law, human rights, international law, and ethnic conflict. Second and third year law students are responsible for coordinating the production of the journal under the guidance of Professor Brad Mank, the INLR's faculty advisor.