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Cincinnati Intellectual Property and Computer Law Journal

In the Spring of 2012, the faculty of the University of Cincinnati College of Law approved the creation of a new student-edited scholarly journal to be published at the College. The Cincinnati Intellectual Property and Computer Law Journal addresses matters of importance both to the scholarly community and to the bench and bar.

The subject-matter coverage included doctrinal subjects traditionally included within the broad domain of intellectual property (including patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secrecy issues), as well as both short- and long-form scholarship on entertainment, media and free expression, telecommunications, privacy, sports law, and computer and technology subjects.

The Journal will be published online and will take full advantage of the unique advantages of electronic publication. In keeping with the College’s customary practice, the Journal will initially be operated for a transitional period under the supervision of a faculty advisory committee. The members of the faculty advisory committee for the 2013-2014 academic year are Professors Timothy K. Armstrong (chair), Kenneth J. Hirsh, Elizabeth Lenhart, Michael E. Solimine, and Sandra F. Sperino.

Members of the journal in the 2013-2014 year include the following students:

Class of 2014

  • Ryan Addis
  • Nathan Armanini
  • Alex Czanik
  • Larry Fathman
  • Colin Pool
  • Thomas Styslinger
  • Bryan Wisecup

Class of 2015

  • Scott Augsback
  • Abby Benston
  • Christopher Brzozowski
  • Matthew Byrnes
  • Ashley Clever
  • Alexander Conn
  • Katherine Finan
  • Christopher Helferich
  • Sil Han Jin
  • Matthew Linder
  • John Markus

The Journal will make a further announcement when it prepares to accept manuscript submissions, although it is not accepting submissions at the present time. Inquiries concerning the Journal should be addressed to the faculty advisory committee at