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Scheduled Maintenance: December 28th - 30th

The College of Law website and other computing resources will be temporarily inaccessible December 28th at 5:00 p.m. to December 30th at 10:00 a.m. due to a planned electrical outage.

Faculty Directory

NameContact Information (513 Area Code) 
Aaron, Marjorie C.556-0114 (Office 415)
Armstrong, Timothy556-0171 (Office 418)
Bai, Lin (Lynn)556-0194 (Office 427)
Bettman, Marianna556-0958 (Office 408)
Bilionis, Louis D.556-6805 (Office 200A)
Bradley, Michele556-0177 (Office 416)
Breedon, Kimberly556-0061 (Office 402)
Bryant, A. Christopher556-0099 (Office 426)
Chang, Felix556-4555 (Office 408)
Christenson, Gordon A.556-0089 (Office 210B)
Cogan, Jacob Katz556-0105 (Office 409)
Godsey, Mark556-0107 (Office 2M28)
Goldfarb, Lewis556-1092 (Office 322B)
Hirsh, Kenneth J.556-0159 (Office 314B)
Houh, Emily M.S.556-0108 (Office 421)
Hubbard, Ann556-3176 (Office 424)
Kalsem, Kristin556-1220 (Office 420)
Lassiter, Christo556-0096 (Office 403)
Lenhart, Betsy556-0011 (Office 428)
Lockwood, Bert B.556-0093 (Office 404)
Malloy, S. Elizabeth556-0115 (Office 411)
Mangan, Sean556-4361 (Office 419)
Mank, Bradford C.556-0094 (Office 425)
McMahon, Stephanie556-4206 (Office 430)
Mickles, Kenyatta556-0180 (Office 407)
Moore, Janet556-0126 (Office 406)
Murphy, John J.556-0112 (Office 210B)
Oliver, Nancy556-0065 (Office 200C)
Rands, William J.556-0111 (Office 210B)
Schneider, Ronna G.556-0098 (Office 410)
Smith, Rachel Jay556-4360 (Office 413)
Solimine, Michael E.556-0102 (Office 414)
Sperino, Sandra556-0193 (Office 412)
Tomain, Joseph P.556-0067 (Office 320A)
Vazquez, Yolanda556-0022 (Office 427)
Williams, Verna556-0866 (Office 423)