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Scheduled Maintenance August 1st, 2015

The College of Law website and other computing resources will be temporarily inaccessible August 1st, 2015 due to an electrical outage. We apologize for the inconvenience. Learn More.

Faculty Directory

NameContact Information (513 Area Code) 
Aaron, Marjorie C.556-0114 (Office 415)
Armstrong, Timothy556-0171 (Office 418)
Bai, Lin (Lynn)556-0194 (Office 427)
Bettman, Marianna556-0958 (Office 408)
Bilionis, Louis D.556-0113 (Office 422)
Bradley, Michele556-0177 (Office 416)
Breedon, Kimberly556-0061 (Office 402)
Bryant, A. Christopher556-0099 (Office 426)
Chang, Felix556-4555 (Office 408)
Christenson, Gordon A.556-0089 (Office 210B)
Cogan, Jacob Katz556-0105 (Office 409)
Godsey, Mark556-0107 (Office 2M28)
Goldfarb, Lewis556-1092 (Office 322B)
Hirsh, Kenneth J.556-0159 (Office 314B)
Houh, Emily M.S.556-0108 (Office 421)
Hubbard, Ann556-3176 (Office 424)
Kalsem, Kristin556-1220 (Office 420)
Lassiter, Christo556-0096 (Office 403)
Lenhart, Betsy556-0011 (Office 428)
Lockwood, Bert B.556-0093 (Office 404)
Malloy, S. Elizabeth556-0115 (Office 411)
Mangan, Sean556-4361 (Office 419)
Mank, Bradford C.556-0094 (Office 425)
McMahon, Stephanie556-4206 (Office 430)
Mickles, Kenyatta556-0180 (Office 407)
Moore, Janet556-0126 (Office 406)
Murphy, John J.556-0112 (Office 210B)
Oliver, Nancy556-0065 (Office 200C)
Rands, William J.556-0111 (Office 210B)
Schneider, Ronna G.556-0098 (Office 410)
Smith, Rachel Jay556-4360 (Office 413)
Solimine, Michael E.556-0102 (Office 414)
Sperino, Sandra556-0193 (Office 412)
Tomain, Joseph P.556-0067 (Office 320A)
Vazquez, Yolanda556-0022 (Office 427)
Williams, Verna556-0866 (Office 423)