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Human Rights Quarterly Editorial Staff

Students in all three years of law school form the staff of the Human Rights Quarterly. The Quarterly is published 4 times a year, with 6 to 8 articles in each issue. First year staff members assist by checking citations, and helping to ensure the accuracy of the sources cited. Any interested student may serve as a cite checker for the Human Rights Quarterly—the only journal at the College of Law that accepts first year students on staff. Staff members can apply to serve in editorial positions during their second and third years, and earn course credit.

Human Rights Quarterly Staff, 2014-2015

Managing Editor: Erin Welch

Senior Articles Editor with Portfolio: Lewis Frasch

Cite Checkers (TBD)

Article Editors

  • Elizabeth Abbott
  • Terry Cannon
  • Jordan D'Addario
  • Rebecca Dussich
  • Brian Greivenkamp
  • Andrew Hakala-Finch
  • Patrick Higgins
  • Jonathan Hilton
  • Ali Holbert
  • Jay Kasting
  • Kellie Kulka
  • Olivia Luehrmann
  • Ryan Pfaff
  • Alonzo Provencio
  • Rachel Pyles
  • Matthew Seifert
  • Kelsi Steele
  • Dominic Velloze
  • Megan Wamsley
  • Patrick Oelrich

Senior Article Editors

  • Caitlin Case
  • Alex Conn
  • Courtney DiVincenzo
  • Ryan Goellner
  • Remington Jackson
  • Simar Khera
  • Eric Munas
  • Lisa Spalwinski
  • Rebecca Taylor
  • Lizzie Thoman

Book Review Editors

  • Kylie Conley
  • India Scarver

Arthur Russell Morgan Fellows & Human Rights Quarterly Staff 1979-2013