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Computing Orientation: How the Charging System Works

Printing in the Labs Law Student Subsidy:

Each student enrolled in the College of Law receives 1600 subsidized (from the College and the University) printed pages per year. At the beginning of the Fall semester you get 1450 ($101.50) pages. You get an additional 150 ($10.50) pages (from the University subsidy) at the beginning of the second semester.

Card-Based Charging:

You can tell how much value you have left on your UC I.D. Card or Bearcat Campus Card at any time by swiping it in the magnetic card reader at the Print Release Stations in the computer labs. The cost per double-sided printed page is $.07. You must have enough value to cover the number of pages you wish to print in any one print job, or none of the pages will print.

Printing a Document:

You will need your UC I.D. Card or Bearcat Campus Card to release a print job to the printer. Follow these steps:

  • Initiate the print command from the computer
  • Insert your card into the swipe slot in the keyboard of the Print Release Station (mag stripe down and facing forward) and swipe to the left
  • A list of print jobs will be displayed on the monitor with file name, user name and date/time. Highlight your print job and click on the PRINT button.
  • Print jobs will remain in the queue for 4 hours before they are deleted.


Adding Money to Your Card

You have 2 options with which to add money to your card.

1. You can add money to your UC I.D. card at the charging machine in TUC (Tangeman University Center). The charging machine is located in the Food Court exit near Starbucks. It accepts ones, fives, tens and twenty dollar bills. You also can go to the Bearcat Campus Card Desk located just inside the north TUC entrance on McMicken Commons and ask the attendant to add value to your card with cash or a credit card.

2. You can add value to your UC I.D. card with a credit card via the web. Login in to your University Blackboard account at and click on the Bearcat Campus Card tab. You can open an account and then use the Deposits link to add money to your card.