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Computing Orientation: Saving your work in the computer lab

When working in the lab with either Word or WordPerfect: click on the File menu, then on Save As. In the box at the top of the screen labeled "save in", click on the downward arrow to the right to see a list of the places you can save your files. You have a number of different options:

  • Each student has a network directory of up to 200MB on the College file server where files can be saved. From the Lab computers the My Documents directory is equivalent to your network directory
  • UC Filespace
  • USB flash drive

In addition, each lab computer is equipped with a DVD/CD burner. You can save files using the Roxio DVD/CD burning software.

Don't save files you want to keep to the C: drive or the desktop. We use a software program called Deep Freeze to secure the Lab computers and maintain the correct setup on each machine. When the computer reboots, any files saved to the C: drive or settings changes made will be discarded. If you need to save something to the computer there is an area called ThawedSpace (equivalent to drive T:) where a file can be saved and not deleted during a reboot. Remember that the ThawedSpace is a publicly available directory and if you leave files there the next person who uses the computer will also have access to them.