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Science, Health, and Environment

Science plays a fundamental role in many, varied areas of the law. Scientific advancements, theories, and principles go hand-in-hand with the law in areas including Environmental and Energy Law and Health Law.

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Environmental Law

Bradford C. Mank
James B. Helmer, Jr. Professor of Law

Joseph P. Tomain
Dean Emeritus and the Wilbert and Helen Ziegler Professor of Law

Health Law

Ann Hubbard
Professor of Law

S. Elizabeth Malloy
Andrew Katsanis Professor of Law

Recent Student Stories

Elise Lucas '11. Lucas is working as a fellow for the Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry. “It [Weaver] sounded like a good opportunity to get involved,” she said of her decision to become a fellow this year. In addition, Lucas has a deep interest in psychiatry. She majored in psychology for her bachelors degree from the University of Cincinnati. However, while completing her degree Lucas realized she didn’t want to become a psychologist. After investigating and weighing her options, Lucas decided that her next step would be law school. “Since I was still interested in the field, I thought that this would be an interesting bridge between the two.” (Read more)

Ryan Schmit '10. UC Law’s Ryan Schmit ’10 has always been an environmental enthusiast and pursuit of a career in environmental law was only a “natural” progression. He was a political science major at Miami University, with a secondary focus in environmental sciences. This past summer, he received a Public Interest Fellowship to work for the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. in the Office of Enforcement. At the EPA, he was able to focus and work on the policy side of law, assisting in various legislative and rule-making processes. Schmit also had the opportunity to attend congressional hearings on an issue of particular importance to him: the cap and trade bill. Schmit found the EPA workplace both interesting and collegial; not only was he surrounded by attorneys available for consultation on legal issues, but also PhDs of many disciplines able to clarify the various complexities of environmental issues. “Working for the federal government on issues with national or even global significance was extremely rewarding,” he said. . . . Currently, Schmit is the president of the Environmental Law Society and the Ohio state director for the National Association of Environmental Law Societies (NAELS). . . . Following graduation in the spring, Schmit’s immediate goal is to find a job, but preferably one that provides an opportunity to practice environmental litigation. “I’m encouraged by the fact that the environmental issues are coming to the forefront of public concern,” he commented, “and I hope that an increase in the number of related jobs will follow.” (Read More)

UC Alumni Careers

Some places our graduates have worked include:

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Ohio Attorney General's Office, Environmental Enforcement Section

Ann Navaro '91. Ann Navaro '91 admittedly didn't love law school, finding the climate to be in contrast to what she enjoyed as an undergraduate student. "I was worried that I wasn't going to like being a lawyer," Navaro said. "But when I got out of law school and started working and just loved it, it was clearly the right choice for me." (Read More)

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Environmental Law


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