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Business and Entrepreneurship Law

Business lawyers are an important part of the team that helps businesses form, grow, and succeed. They can help establish the business, plan for its future, enter contracts, protect business assets, and avoid and handle conflicts. These lawyers may serve as outside counsel to their business clients, join the business as in-house counsel, or be employed by, or practice before, federal or state governmental agencies.

Students interested in business law will build a foundation by taking Contracts in their first year, and, during their later years, select classes from our curriculum in business and corporate law, commercial law, tax law, and employment and labor law, depending on their interests. Some foundational courses in this area that are useful to all business lawyers are Corporations I and Federal Income Tax, both of which are prerequisites for more advanced classes.

Students with little background in business may elect to take Business Basics for Lawyers to learn basic concepts of accounting, finance, and other aspects of business. More advanced classes include Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Regulation, Corporate Finance, Secured Transactions, Bankruptcy, Employment Law, International Business Transactions, and many others.

Skills: Students have many opportunities to build skills to be a business lawyer at UC Law. Classes include Legal Drafting and Corporate Transactions: Term Sheet to Closing, among others. Students can also serve real clients by participating in the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic, the Brandery Fellowship Program, the Eichner Family Foundation Entrepreneurship Fellow Program, and various legal externships.