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Gwen Alumn (ficticious)

Gwen grew up in a small town in northwest Ohio. She was an English major as an undergraduate student, and she believes she would like to be a prosecutor. After her junior year, she had a summer internship with a local prosecutor’s office in her home town which gave rise to her interest in becoming a prosecutor. In addition to exploring her interest in criminal law, she wants to prepare to take a bar exam and learn professional skills. Here are the schedules she selected in her second and third years of law school:

Second Year

Criminal Procedure I
Computer Crime Law
Real Estate Transactions
Trial Practice: Competition

Client Counseling (required)
Ethics (required)
Externship at a prosecutor’s office
Payment Systems
Trial Practice: Competition

Third Year

Criminal Procedure II
Legal Drafting
Indigent Defense Clinic
White Collar Crime
Wills, Trusts, and Future Interests

Advanced Topics in Law – Chesley short course
Corporations I
Human Rights Seminar (seminar)
Indigent Defense Clinic
Counterterrorism Law