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Sally Johnson (ficticious)

Sally Johnson received a degree in Philosophy prior to coming to law school. She has always loved helping people with their problems, and she believes that she would like to start her own small firm so she can help individuals with their legal problems. She thinks her focus will likely be on criminal and family law matters. Because of this, she decided to craft a broad curriculum that would prepare her well for small firm practice with an emphasis on criminal and family law. She also wants to build professional skills and prepare to take a bar exam. Here are the courses she selected while a second and third year law student.

Second Year

Criminal Procedure I
Debtor and Creditor Law
Federal Income Tax
Moot Court Competition
Sports Law
Wills, Trusts, and Future Interests

Client Counseling (required)
Criminal Procedure II
Family Law
Family Law - Practice One
Legal Ethics (required)
Moot Court

Third Year

Corporations I
Estate & Gift Tax
Employment Law
Moot Court
Secured Transactions

Agency, Partnership, and Unincorporated Businesses
Legal Externship
Moot Court
Estate Planning
Trial Practice
First Amendment Seminar (seminar)