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Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lawyers often help their clients solve problems and handle disputes with other parties. Central to being able to accomplish these tasks is the ability to file a lawsuit against the other party. However, most lawsuits are settled before the lawyers for the parties step foot in a courtroom. Alternative methods of dispute resolution help conclude disputes without the need for expensive litigation. Every lawyer should have an understanding of these topics.

Students build a foundation in this area in their first year by taking classes about civil procedure, legal research and writing, and advocacy. In the second year, students take Client Counseling to learn basic skills in interacting with clients. Important upper-level classes include Evidence, Federal Courts, Federal Income Tax, Administrative Law, Appellate Practice and Procedure, Arbitration, Complex Litigation, Conflict of Laws, Electronic Discovery, Mediation, Decision Analysis, Negotiations, and Remedies.

Skills: Students can build Litigation and ADR skills by taking Trial Practice and participating in a number of Trial Practice, Moot Court, and Negotiation competitions. The Center for Practice also provides additional programs of interest. Students can also serve real clients while practicing their skills in this area by participating in any of our clinics and many legal externships. Students can improve their writing and editing skills by participating in any of our journals.