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Public Interest Law

Lawyers play an important part in promoting the public interest and protecting the rights of underrepresented populations. Lawyers have been leaders in many social movements including those involving civil rights, women’s rights, LGBT issues, disability rights, and many more. Lawyers working to promote the public interest are employed in many settings including government agencies, nonprofit organizations, law firms, and some corporations.

Students seeking careers in the public interest have more opportunities to pursue at Cincinnati Law than they might imagine, and, as a result, we often attract students who’ve already shown leadership in many social movements. Courses include Critical Race Theory, Disability Law, Employment Discrimination, Family Law, Feminist Jurisprudence, First Amendment Seminar, Human Rights Seminar, Death Penalty Seminar, and Immigration Law and Policy, to name a few.

Skills: Supplementing these courses are programs from the Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice and the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights. Students can also hone their writing and editing skills by serving on the Human Rights Quarterly, the Freedom Center Journal, and the Immigration and Nationality Law Review. Students also have ample opportunity to learn professional skills while helping real clients in the Indigent Defense Clinic, the Ohio Innocence Project, the Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic, and much more.