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Jean Schoor (ficticious)

Jean is a student who grew up in Akron, Ohio. As an undergraduate, she majored in Political Science, and she was engaged in many public interest extra-curricular activities. She was the philanthropy chair of her sorority, and, in this position, she organized a large blood donation drive, a musical play that donated all proceeds to a local charity, and a food drive for a local food bank. She is undecided about the path of her future career, but she believes that she would like to start out by working in a local nonprofit agency. She believes she would like her work to involve advocacy on behalf of a particular societal group such as children or the elderly. In addition to exploring her interest in public interest law, she wants to prepare to take a bar exam and learn professional skills. Here are the schedules she selected in her second and third years of law school:

Second Year

Ethics (required)
Disability Law
Intensive Practical Lawyering Skills (short course)
Criminal Procedure I

Client Counseling (required)
Gender and the Law
Critical Race Theory (seminar)
Legal Externship at a nonprofit agency in Cincinnati

Third Year

Education Law (seminar)
Federal Income Tax
Secured Transactions
Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic

Employment Discrimination
The Law of Nonprofit Organizations
Feminist Jurisprudence
Corporations I
Trial Practice
Advanced Topics in Law – Chesley short course