Alumni Resources

Is your Law Class having a reunion or get together in or around Cincinnati? The Law School would welcome the opportunity to assist in getting your classmates together.

Once you have decided the “when,” and “where” details, we can help:

  1. Placing the announcement on the Website in the Main Calendar on the College of Law's News & Events Page and in the Alumni Calendar at
  2. Before the event, we can send your personalized e-mail out to your class members.
  3. If you create a personalized letter, we will send it out by good-old fashion snail mail to class members.
  4. If you would like, we would also welcome the opportunity to have a representative of the Law School attend the event and give a quick five-minute update on all the exciting updates taking place at UC Law.
  5. We can also pass along the information on our mass e-mails – not that we expect other classes to join in your fun on your day - but we would like to promote the fact, that with good volunteer leadership, this option is available for all UC Law Classes. 


Obviously, the earlier we can start the better, so when your date is set, please contact Tom Giffin (513-557-6017 or and we will work with you to bring your Class together once again. 

A minimum of 24 hour notice is required to fill a transcript.

The cost of a transcript is $6 and payment by check, money order or cash should be made at the time of request. Special delivery options are available at an additional charge ($5 for second-day air or $10 for overnight). Under special conditions, the Registrar can start to process a transcript request from a faxed request. You should contact the Registrar to make these arrangements (513-556-0070). Your request should include the following:

  • name while in attendance
  • dates of attendance
  • address(es) of where to send the transcript(s)
  • your signature
  • whether to issue the transcripts now or wait for final grades
  • date the transcript is desired

The transcript will be stamped "Issued to Student” if it is picked up personally or mailed to the student. Please indicate if you require the transcript in a sealed envelope.

Forms accompanying the transcript: There is no fee for the completion of forms (bar forms, graduate school admission forms, etc).

Requests for letters of graduation or enrollment certification/verification: There is no fee for this request, however, you should be specific in the wording of the letter.

Return form either by mail, fax, or email to:

College of Law Registrar
University of Cincinnati College of Law
PO Box 210040
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0040
voice: 513.556.0070
fax: 513.556.5550

Alumni  |  a●lum●ni [uh-luhm-nahy]

A graduate or former student of a specific school, college, or university; a resource; one of the UC College of Law's greatest assets.


Ready for a change? Every career takes a few turns along the way. The CPD can help as you consider the next step. The CPD routinely posts lateral career opportunities and provides career advice to alumni. Perhaps you are seeking an opportunity in another city. The CPD can help by obtaining reciprocity so that you can benefit from resources at other law schools. To get started, contact the CPD to create a profile on Symplicity, the online portal that houses job opportunities and other career search resources.


Alumni are invaluable to current students. Maybe it has been a while since you served as a mentor or you would like to contribute to the professional development of current UC Law students. The ways to assist are countless. Some alumni elect to serve as adjunct faculty, others speak on campus. Better yet, maybe your organization needs to hire a law clerk or has temporary hiring needs. Just let us know what you need and we take it from there.


Career development is a lifelong process. The UC College of Law provides a variety of annual programs that can further your professional development. For instance, the Center for Practice conducts Continuing Legal Education workshops throughout the year. Additionally the UC Law Alumni Association sponsors a CLE in the fall at its annual meeting.