Exam Schedule

Spring Semester 2019

 Please Note Section 7.02. The following are the only grounds on which a student may request to be excused from an examination:

a) The student has two examinations scheduled to begin on the same day; or

b) An emergency has arisen; or

c) It has become impossible or impractical for the student to take the examination at the scheduled time; or

d) The student has three exams in a row in the same week.

The student must request the excused absence from the Associate Dean prior to the exam. The Associate Dean must discuss the request with the instructor involved. It is within the Dean’s discretion to grant or deny the request.

All exams begin at 9:30 a.m. 

Exam schedule for Spring Semester 2019.
Date Exam

Monday, April 29

Criminal Law

Administrative Law

Electronic Discovery

Federal Tax Practice and Procedure


Tuesday, April 30

Computer Crime Law

Election Law

Land Use Law and Development


Wednesday, May 1

Advanced Health Care Practice

Asylum and Refugee Law


Legal Ethics

Public and Private Corruption

State and Local Tax

Thursday, May 2

Constitutional Law II

Copyright Law

Criminal Procedure I

International Business Transactions

Friday, May 3

Deferred Exam Day 1 (Room 118, 9:30 a.m.)

Monday, May 6

Civil Procedure II

Family Law

International Tax

White Collar Crime

Tuesday, May 7

Business Associations

Insurance Law

Securities Regulation

Sports Law

Wednesday, May 8

Antitrust Law

Business Tax

Criminal Procedure II

Thursday, May 9



Business Basics

Employment Discrimination

Friday, May 10 Deferred Exam Day 2 (Room 118, 9:30 a.m.)

Take Home Exams

*Please note that other exams listed above may move to the take-home list

Estate Planning

Legal Ethics (VanderLaan)

Mental Health Law II

*Please note that other exams listed above may move to the take-home list