Freedom Center Journal

The Freedom Center Journal (FCJ) is a joint, scholarly publication of the University of Cincinnati College of Law and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which is located in downtown Cincinnati. Edited and published annually by law students, the FCJ explores legacies of historic struggles for freedom in order to provide a better understanding of ongoing forms of subordination and to craft strategies for social change.

The FCJ publishes articles, comments, essays, and/or book reviews written by students, legal practitioners, and scholars from different disciplines. Each issue of the FCJ covers a diverse range of issues relating to race, gender, sexuality, class, freedom, justice, and law.


The FCJ provides meaningful journal experience to its student members and editors. While serving on the FCJ, students participate in reading groups, research and write notes and comments, conceptualize and organize topical events, and engage in collaborative workshopping and editing of scholarly papers.

Each year, the FCJ’s editorial board selects associate members through an essay-writing competition at the end of most student-applicants’ first year of law school. Second-year law students, however, also may apply for associate membership on the FCJ.

Associate members of the FCJ are required to write a book review, case comment, or other scholarly paper during the academic year, which may be selected for publication in the FCJ. At the end of the spring semester, associate members may run for positions on the FCJ editorial board for the following year.

The Freedom Center Journal (FCJ) welcomes work from scholars, legal practitioners, activists, and graduate students. Submissions should address the scope and nature of freedom, broadly defined. The FCJ encourages the submission of interdisciplinary works, especially focusing on issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, and religion.

The FCJ also considers for publication graduate theses and dissertation sections, scholarly essays and articles, legal essays and articles, and book reviews. In addition, the FCJ is in constant search of creative expressions of freedom, including nontraditional writings and artwork. The FCJ does not accept submissions that have been previously published, except in the rarest of circumstances. Legal manuscripts should conform to the most recent editions of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. Manuscripts from other disciplines are accepted in MLA, Chicago, or APA format.

Please send manuscripts to:

Freedom Center Journal
University of Cincinnati College of Law
PO Box 210040
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0040


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