Transfer of Credit

The College of Law will consider applications from potential transfer students from a law school that is a full member of the American Bar Association (ABA). The College of Law does not consider applicants from fee-paid non-member schools. Law school work will be evaluated and credited toward the Juris Doctor requirements as determined by the Associate Dean. However, as a general rule, the transfer of credit for first-year classes can be completed with a grade of at least a "C". Students may need to complete one or more College of Law first- year course that was not completed at the previous law school. Transfer students may be granted academic credit up to the equivalent of three semesters for full-time students or up to four semesters for part-time students, for work successfully completed at another AALS member school and two semesters for full-time students or 2.6 semesters for part-time students for work successfully completed at a non-AALS member law school. The right is reserved not to grant credit for work done in another law school.