Joint Degree Programs

When it comes to studying the law, sometimes two can be better than one.

Maybe you have a double passion. Or maybe you see the power of combining legal expertise with skills in subjects as disparate as education and architecture, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Our three joint-degree programs allow students to complete their JDs while earning a Master’s Degree — in just 4 years. Not only can you shave a year of time and tuition off of your educational career, you can immerse yourself in complementary worlds of learning while expanding your post-graduation marketability.

  • JD/MBA
  • JD/MA Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • JD/Master of Community Planning


Please note: Any JD student can take up to 8 credits in any graduate program at UC and it will count toward the JD– even if they are not in a dual degree program.

Already enrolled at Cincinnati Law? 1Ls may also create a custom, individualized program with other graduate degree programs in areas of interest to them.