Admission Experience Champions

Meet our Admission Experience Champions!

Cincinnati College of Law AECs are current student volunteers available to provide guided tours, meet with prospective students, share insights about their experiences, and answer any student based questions you may have along the way. Each AEC is actively involved in the Cincinnati Law community and can provide a unique perspective into the academic and student experience. Get to know more about each of our AECs below, and feel free to reach out anytime. 

Alexandria Anderson, 3L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Beavercreeek, OH

Undergrad/Major: Wright State University – Political Science

Field of Interest: Criminal Law; International Law; Business Law

Student Organizations/Activities: Black Law Students Association; Midwest Black Law Students Association; Black Law Students Association Mock-Trial Team; Bearcats for Immigration and Policy; Centerville Spring Soccer

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose Cincinnati Law because I felt that my family and I would have a chance to grow and thrive in the area. I was excited to get more involved in the Cincinnati community, and because I am from Ohio and my mom was a Bearcat medical student UC (University of Cincinnati) felt at home!

Megan Bowling, 2L

Camille Chandler, 2L - she/her/hers


Hometown: Louisville, KY

Undergrad/Major(s): Western Kentucky University - Political Science 

Field of Interest: Political Science; International Affairs

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: In Law School: Human Rights Quarterly, Women in Law, intramural sports

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose UC Law because of the importance the school places on inclusivity and acceptance. One of the first things I noticed about UC Law during my admitted student's day was the value of the program placed on making sure minority voices were heard. This has been something I have appreciated throughout my entire 1L year. Everyone's opinions are heard and appreciated no matter if the Professor or other classmate agrees with them.

Abigail Coogan, 2L

Abby Coogan, 3L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Undergrad/Major(s): Eastern Kentucky University – Criminal Justice; Political Science

Field of Interest: Criminal Law (specifically prosecution)

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: ·  Honor Council; Human Rights Quarterly; Adventure JD’s; Trial Advocacy Team; Honor Council

Why Cincinnati Law? I originally wanted nothing to do with UC Law. I applied to three schools and of the three, UC was the biggest and I have always preferred a small school experience. After attending a virtual admitted student event, however, I realized that I had it all wrong. I loved that 1L’s were split into smaller sections to make things feel more personal, and every student I talked to said that they had great relationships with their professors and that the professors were super helpful and willing to work with students. I also realized how great UC’s programs were. UC had a higher ranking, I loved the possibility of getting involved in the Human Rights Quarterly as a 1L, I liked that there were structured study groups for 1Ls, and there was a lot of emphasis on practical experience through multiple fellowships and externships, which was important to me. I realized that compared to the other schools I was looking at, UC was a perfect combination of a great program and the smaller and more friendly feel that I was looking for.

Colleen Brugger, 2L

Delany Cook, 2L – she/her/hers     


Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Undergrad/Major: Miami University - Economics

Field of Interest: Environmental Law; Real Estate Law

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: ·    Environmental Law Society; Law Review; Student Bar Association 

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose Cincinnati Law because it gave me the best opportunity to further my interest in so many different areas of the law. I had not always planned to go to law school, so I had an open mind when it came to researching school and Cincinnati just seemed like the perfect fit for me. The amazing clinics and programs they offer, along with the distinguished faculty and small class sizes felt like the perfect place for me to really be able to discover exactly what I want to do in the future. 

Stephanie Darville, 2L

Alisa Dayo, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Winchester, VA

Undergrad/Major: Virginia Commonwealth University - Psychology

Field of Interest: Public Interest; Immigration Law

Student Organizations/Activities: First Generation Law Students; Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

Why Cincinnati Law? Location, class size, and affordability. I like that Cincinnati has a traditional campus feel but is in a big city that people have a lot of connections to. I also like the fact that Cincinnati is a smaller law school so you can get to know people more easily and find anything you are looking for. Also, Cincinnati gives great scholarships and financial aid which can lessen your stress from everything else involved with law school.

Haley Dominique, 2L

Drew Dear, 2L – he/him/his


Hometown: Nicholasville, Ky

Undergrad/Major: University of Kentucky - History

Field of Interest: Corporate

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement:  Student Legal Education Committee; Board Game Society; Phi Alpha Delta

Why Cincinnati Law? UC Law provides various interest groups and opportunities for students who may not know where they want to practice. It was the best choice for someone like me, who wants to learn as much as possible before choosing an interest or a path.

James Hardman, 2L

Megan Fisher, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Mount Clemens, MI

Undergrad/Major(s): Oakland University - Policy Studies

Field of Interest: Healthcare; Estate Planning; Wills; Elder Law

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Student Legal Education Committee; Women in Law; Board Game Society; Health and Public Health Law Club

Why Cincinnati Law? At first, I was convinced that I wanted to be in healthcare law and was confident I would attend SLU. However, as I learned more about the legal field, I realized that my interests were broader, and I should choose a school that offers many opportunities to broaden exposure across the legal field. When I drove into Covington before touring and when I pulled onto campus, I knew that Cincinnati was where I belonged, and it was an excellent choice.

Baylee Kalmbach

Connor Frankhouser, 2L – he/him/his


Hometown: Runnels County, Texas

Undergrad/Major: Angelo State University

Field of Interest: Public Interest Law

Student Organizations/Activities: Student Bar Association (Social Committee, Tailgate Chair); Federal Bar Association;  Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals 

Why Cincinnati Law? I became interested in UC Law when I learned that not only is it one of the oldest continuously operating law schools in the country, but it also has stellar employment outcomes with a reasonable tuition rate. I am a non-traditional student funding my own law studies with no loans of any kind, so that last point was important for me. I decided to attend when I learned that UC Law actively partners with legal offices all over the greater Cincinnati area, and that UC Law uses these relationships to provide ample clinics, summer funding opportunities, externships, and unique student experiences. I was confident that a J.D (Juris Doctor). from UC Law would open exciting opportunities upon graduation.

Micah Kindred, 2L

Emily Harmon, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: West Chester, OH

Undergrad/Major(s): University of Kentucky - Marketing

Field of Interest: Family Law; Corporate Law; Contracts

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Women in Law; Star Performance Centre (Coach)

Why Cincinnati Law? I came across UC Law when I attended a law fair at the University of Dayton. UC was not particularly on my radar, but then I met Dean Jeter-Bailey, and I really loved everything that she had to say about UC. After that, I visited and learned more about the programs and clinics UC offers, and it was incomparable. Additionally, UC gives out great scholarships and I was fortunate to receive a financial scholarship. I also loved that UC was close to home. I grew up in West Chester, Ohio, and then went to the University of Kentucky for undergraduate, so I was excited to come home and get the opportunity to be close to family. UC was a mix of everything I was looking for and I know it was the right choice for me.

Caitlin Lancaster

Danielle Johnson, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Undergrad/Major(s): University of Toledo - Early Childhood Education

Field of Interest: Education; Family Law

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Black Law Students Association; Juvenile & Family Law Club; Youth Court

Why Cincinnati Law? Cincinnati Law just made sense. I knew I wanted to stay in Ohio, and Cincinnati Law is among the best and most affordable law schools here.

Megan Ross, 2L

Marques Jones, 2L – he/him/his


Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Undergrad/Major: The Ohio State University - Political Science

Field of Interest: Criminal Law

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Student Legal Education Committee; Black Law Students Association; Ohio Innocence Project

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose Cincinnati Law because of how much emphasis and importance they place on social justice. I absolutely love the fact that every class I've had my 1L year has been willing to integrate the affect the law has on communities of color, LGBTQ individuals, and marginalized communities in general.  

Nick Kwon, 2L

Nick Kwon, 3L – he/him/his


Hometown: Canton, MI

Undergrad/Major(s): Grand Valley State University – Psychology; Philosophy

Field of Interest: Employment; Immigration; Medical Malpractice

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Student Legal Education Committee; Honor Council

Why Cincinnati Law? I loved the Cincinnati as a city and loved the atmosphere of the law school. The class is a smaller than other schools which made me think that as a class we will be much closer and have a stronger sense of community than other schools which I was right about.

Alex Mayanja-Nkanji, 2L – he/him/his


Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Undergrad/Major(s): University of Cincinnati - History

Field of Interest: Wills & Estates; Contracts

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Black Law Students Association

Why Cincinnati Law? Cincinnati has been and will always be home. Coming back to UC is a second chance to get involved in a way, I was not ready to during undergraduate.

Beth Ann Powers, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Dayton, OH

Undergrad/Major(s): The Ohio State University - Political Science

Field of Interest: Corporate; Transactional Work

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Student Legal Education Committee; Federal Bar Association; Human Rights Quarterly 

Why Cincinnati Law? Cincinnati Law was great with communication during the admissions process, and seemed super understanding when it came to scholarship and student well-being. Compared to other schools UC really made me feel special and was noticeably clear in communication. I also really liked the idea of living in a city like Cincinnati which has so much to do. And I thought the size of UC was ideal.

Megan Ross, 3L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Undergrad/Major(s): The Ohio State University - Accounting

Field of Interest: Corporate/Business Law, Bankruptcy Law

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: UC Law Women; Joseph Beth Book Club

Why Cincinnati Law? I grew up in Cincinnati and this city has always been my home! I love living here and showing people all the fun places and activities Cincinnati offers! Cincinnati Law is a Top 100 school in a vibrant city. There are so many opportunities in the city and unbelievable experiences available. I knew that if I went to UC Law, I would be receiving an amazing education and would have unlimited opportunities.

Anaka Young, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Denver, CO

Undergrad/Major(s): Harding University - Criminal Justice

Field of Interest: Litigation

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Black Law Students Association; Asian Pacific American Law Student Association; Student Bar Association

Why Cincinnati Law?  I wanted to find a middle ground between a busy city like Denver and a small city like Searcy. Cincinnati provided the city life with easy escapes. The school also provides a more affordable option while also providing a quality education.

Vickey Young, 2L

Vickey Young, 3L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Undergrad/Major(s): Heidelberg University – Psychology, Criminology

Field of Interest: Family Law; International Law;  Criminal Law; Health Law; Disability and Mental Health Law

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Out and Allies; DREAM; Active Minds; Board Games Society; Health Care and Public Health Society; UC Law Women; Public Interest Law Society; UC National Lawyer's Guild; Juvenile & Family Law Club; International Law Society; Labor & Employment Law Club

Why Cincinnati Law? I loved visiting Cincinnati each time I did, whether it was visiting family members or attending local dance competitions. I grew up between Cleveland and Cheviot, which is only about twenty minutes from UC’s campus. I remember seeing the campus as we would drive through the neighborhoods and thinking about how pretty the campus was.  As a huge MLS fan, being relatively close to an MLS stadium was a factor in considering where I would attend law school. UC College of Law is located approximately eight minutes north of TQL Stadium. I am very excited to stay in Cincinnati this summer to watch at least one FC Cincinnati game. UC Law offers courses in mental health and disability law while still allowing me to explore family and criminal law coursework. One of the biggest draws for me was the Weaver Fellowship which would permit me to pursue coursework in psychology and law. Upon finding this fellowship, I knew UC Law was the school for me, as I had originally planned to pursue a Master’s degree in psychology and law before deciding to attend law school. The affordability of UC Law was another huge draw for me when deciding to apply.