Admission Experience Champions

Meet our Admission Experience Champions!

Cincinnati College of Law AECs are current student volunteers available to provide guided tours, meet with prospective students, share insights about their experiences, and answer any student based questions you may have along the way. Each AEC is actively involved in the Cincinnati Law community and can provide a unique perspective into the academic and student experience. Get to know more about each of our AECs below, and feel free to reach out anytime. 

Ally Anderson, 2L

Alexandria Anderson, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Beavercreeek, OH

Undergrad/Major: Wright State University – Political Science

Field of Interest: Criminal Law, International Law, and Business Law

Student Organizations/Activities: 1L BLSA Representative; Midwest BLSA Sub-Regional Director 4; BLSA Mock-Trial Team; Bearcats for Immigration and Policy; Centerville Spring Soccer

Three Favorite Emojis: 🤠💅🤨

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose Cincinnati Law because I felt that my family and I would have a chance to grow and thrive in the area. I was excited to get more involved in the Cincinnati community, and because I'm from Ohio and my mom was a Bearcat medical student UC felt like home!

Megan Bowling, 2L

Megan Bowling, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Batavia, OH

Undergrad/Major(s): Wilmington College – Political Science, Communication Arts

Field of Interest: Corporate law

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Corporate Law Fellow; Student Legal Education Committee Vice Chair & Center for Professional Development Representative; Human Rights Quarterly Citation Checker; Dean’s Student Leadership Council Representative; UC Law Women Co-Social Chair; Entrepreneurship Law Club; Board Game Society; Southeast Cincinnati YoungLives Fundraising Chair

Favorite Emojis: 🎉😆🎶

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose Cincinnati Law because I was looking for a school that would set me up for professional success after graduation, and one that would allow me to make great connections in Cincinnati during my time as a student. I was also looking for academic challenges, and for the opportunity to be involved in many organizations during my time as a student. The Corporate Law Fellowship was something else that I was eager to apply for and was thrilled to receive. I was also looking for a close-knit academic community, and for staff and students who were authentic, driven, and kind.

Colleen Brugger, 2L

Colleen Brugger, 2L – she/her/hers     


Hometown: Fairfield, Ohio

Undergrad/Major: Ohio State University – Political Science

Field of Interest: Corporate Litigation

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: SBA Treasurer; 1L Rep and Member, UC Law Women

Favorite Emojis: 🤩✨🙃

Why Cincinnati Law? I wanted to be close to my family and give back to the area as part of the profession.

Abigail Coogan, 2L

Abby Coogan, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Undergrad/Major(s): Eastern Kentucky University – Criminal Justice,  Political Science

Field of Interest: Criminal Law, specifically Prosecution

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Honor Council member; Cite Checker for the Human Rights Quarterly; Trial Team; and the Secretary of Adventure JD’s

Favorite Emojis: 💪🏼✝️😂

Why Cincinnati Law? I actually originally wanted nothing to do with UC Law. I applied to three schools and of the three, UC was the biggest and I’ve always preferred a small school experience. After attending a virtual admitted student event, however, I realized that I had it all wrong. I loved that 1L’s were split into smaller sections to make things feel more personal, and every student I talked to said that they had great relationships with their professors and that the professors were super helpful and willing to work with students. I also realized how great UC’s programs were. UC had a higher ranking, I loved the possibility of getting involved in the Human Rights Quarterly as a 1L, I liked that there were structured study groups for 1Ls, and there was a lot of emphasis on practical experience through multiple fellowships and externships, which was really important to me. I realized that compared to the other schools I was looking at, UC was a perfect combination of a great program and the smaller and more friendly feel that I was looking for.

Stephanie Darville, 2L

Stephanie Darville, 3L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Undergrad/Major: Florida Gulf Coast Univ. & FL International University – Health Science Administration

Field of Interest: Labor and Employment, Construction, Environmental

Student Organizations/Activities: Lawyers Connection Beyond the Law; Human Rights Quarterly; BLSA

Three Favorite Emojis: 👩‍👦🌮💃🏽

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose Cincinnati Law because I really appreciated the collaborative environment that the law school encouraged. I also loved the fact that the Law school was cheaper than a lot of the other big named schools while remaining comparable in quality of academics. I really appreciated the diversity of the faculty as well.

Haley Dominique, 2L

Haley Dominique, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Oregon, OH

Undergrad/Major: Ball State University – Business Administration

Field of Interest: Public Interest

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Active Minds member; UC Law Women member; Volunteer Coach for the Reds Youth Academy

Favorite Emojis: ✨🌻☕️

Why Cincinnati Law? I loved the warm atmosphere that I experienced every time I communicated with the admissions team. COVID made the admissions process difficult, but I was able to visit the city of Cincinnati and fell in love with the area. I also wanted to stay in Ohio, and the University of Cincinnati has a high bar passage rate and employment rate for its graduates.

James Hardman, 2L

James Hardman, 2L – he/him/his


Hometown: Salisbury, United Kingdom

Undergrad/Major(s): University of Cambridge – French, Russian

Field of Interest: Corporate Law, International Law, and Immigration

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Student Bar Association (Secretary); Board Game Society (Co-founder, Vice-President); LLM & International Student Society; International Law Society; Entrepreneurship Law Club; Bearcats for Immigration and Policy; Criminal Law Society; Human Rights Quarterly; Corporate Law fellowship.

Favorite Emojis: 🫖 🇬🇧 🌧️

Why Cincinnati Law? Although I am from Britain, my wife is from Cincinnati. We wanted to move to the US and I was interested in studying law. The fact that my wife's hometown has an excellent law school made this a perfect choice - professionally, academically, and financially!

Baylee Kalmbach

Baylee Kalmbach, 3L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Erie, MI

Undergrad/Major: University of Toledo – Disability Studies/Law

Field of Interest: becoming a critical disability studies professor at a PhD level, focusing on decarcerating disability and reforming our rehabilitation centers for our disabled populations.

Student Organizations/Activities: 1L Rep for Labor and Employment Law Club, UCLW, Out & Allies, UC Dems, National Lawyers Guild, First-Gen Law Students.

Favorite Emojis: 🥰 🥳 🌊

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose Cincinnati Law because I love our emphasis on social justice and serving the communities that need us most. I did not have a chance to visit Cincy law before I attended due to Covid, but a current AEC was able to give me such good advice and insight about campus and our culture that I knew I wouldn't be happy or satisfied with any other decision but to be a Bearcat. I'm also very very passionate about disability rights and justice within the carceral system, so I knew getting involved with the Ohio Innocence Project would be the best way to pioneer this path. We have so many amazing opportunities and caring faculty/staff at Cincy law, which was everything I needed and more during Zoom School of Law and the difficulties that came with this new experience.

Micah Kindred, 2L

Micah Kindred, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Winchester, KY

Undergrad/Major(s): University of Louisville – Computer Science, Engineering

Field of Interest: Patent Law

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: IPLSA (1L Rep); Bearcats for Immigration and Policy; UC Law Women

Favorite Emojis: 🤷‍♀️ 🎉 ✨

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose Cincinnati Law because I liked the idea of being a part of a small school at a big university. My undergraduate school was like that, and I wanted to have that same feel in law school. I'm glad I did because at UC you really can have 1 on 1 time with your professors which I have found to be incredibly valuable.

Nick Kwon, 2L

Nick Kwon, 2L – he/him/his


Hometown: Canton, MI

Undergrad/Major(s): Grand Valley State University – Psychology, Philosophy

Field of Interest: Employment, Immigration, or Medical Malpractice

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: SLEC; Honor Council

Favorite Emojis: 🗺 🦭 ☃️

Why Cincinnati Law? I loved the Cincinnati as a city and loved the atmosphere of the law school. The class is a smaller than other schools which made me think that as a class we will be much closer and have a stronger sense of community than other schools which I was right about.

Caitlin Lancaster

Caitlin Lancaster, 3L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Florence, KY

Undergrad/Major(s): University of Cincinnati – Sports Management, Business Administration

Field of Interest: I am primarily interested in transactional/corporate type law. I can’t say for sure if I would like to do firm work or in-house counsel, but the corporate sector definitely is where my passions lie. I have an undergraduate degree in business, so I love being able to put my business knowledge and skills to use in the legal field.

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: 1L representative on the Executive Board of the Student Bar Association and will be serving as one of the Social Committee’s co-chairs for the 2021-2022 school year.

Favorite Emojis: 🤠 🤩 🤓

Why Cincinnati Law? I chose Cincinnati Law because I felt welcome. Having attended UC for undergrad, I really thought I would go somewhere else for law school. I looked into a few different places, but nowhere else made me feel as welcome and comfortable as UC Law. The admission’s office officials were very helpful along the way and showed genuine care for myself and my questions/concerns. I also love Cincinnati and really was not ready to leave. I cannot say for sure that I will spend the rest of my life here, but I am happy that I stayed and can experience law school and my early 20’s in this city. In addition to loving the city and feeling welcome, UC honestly offered the best programs and opportunities of any of the law programs I was interested in. UC Law has such a solid legal foundation, being one of the oldest United States law schools, and also has a long line of successful alumni. One cannot help but look at those who have graduated from the school when making a decision of such magnitude and UC Law alumni are impressive and have great things to say about the school. Overall UC Law checked all of the boxes I wanted filled and I am happy I made the decision to attend this school.

Megan Ross, 2L

Megan Ross, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Undergrad/Major: Ohio State University – Accounting

Field of Interest: Corporate/Business Law, Bankruptcy Law 

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: UC Law Women; Joseph Beth Book Club

Favorite Emojis: ☀️ 🫠 👻

Why Cincinnati Law? I grew up in Cincinnati and this city has always been home! I love living here and showing people all of the fun places and activities Cincinnati has to offer! Cincinnati Law is a Top 100 school in a vibrant city. There are so many opportunities in the city and unbelievably experiences available. I knew that if I went to UC Law I would be receiving an amazing education and would have unlimited opportunities.

Vickey Young, 2L

Vickey Young, 2L – she/her/hers


Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Undergrad/Major(s): Heidelberg University – Psychology, Criminology

Field of Interest: Family Law; International Law;  Criminal Law; Health Law; Disability and Mental Health Law

Student Organizations & Outside Involvement: Out and Allies; DREAM; Active Minds; Board Games Society; Health Care and Public Health Society; UC Law Women; Public Interest Law Society; NLG at UC Law; Juvenile & Family Law Club; International Law Society; Labor & Employment Law Club

Favorite Emojis: 😍 😂 🥺

Why Cincinnati Law? I loved visiting Cincinnati each time I did, whether it was visiting family members or attending local dance competitions. I grew up between Cleveland and Cheviot, which is only about twenty minutes from UC’s campus. I remember seeing the campus as we would drive through the neighborhoods and thinking about how pretty the campus was.  As a huge MLS fan, being relatively close to an MLS stadium was a factor in considering where I would attend law school. UC College of Law is located approximately eight minutes north of TQL Stadium. I am very excited to stay in Cincinnati this summer to watch at least one FC Cincinnati game. UC Law offers courses in mental health and disability law while still allowing me to explore family and criminal law coursework. One of the biggest draws for me was the Weaver Fellowship which would permit me to pursue coursework in psychology and law. Upon finding this fellowship, I knew UC Law was the school for me, as I had originally planned to pursue a Master’s degree in psychology and law before deciding to attend law school. The affordability of UC Law was another huge draw for me when deciding to apply.