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At the University of Cincinnati College of Law, we recognize the significance of real-world experiences in not only enhancing your résumé but also fostering crucial connections, networking within your areas of interest, and gaining firsthand insights into various facets of legal work. Our program encompasses opportunities within our esteemed centers, clinics, and institutes, along with externships and fellowships, all geared towards equipping you for a successful and fulfilling career. Whether your aspirations involve corporate leadership, the judiciary, social justice advocacy, or transactional or general legal practice, Cincinnati Law offers a pathway to help you achieve your goals.

We Gurantee Experiences

100% Placement for Externships and Clinics

John Robert Droege Law Centers and Clinics

The Droege Law Center is committed to broadening and deepening the academic program at the College of Law, while serving the professional needs and aspirations of students, faculty and alumni through supporting research and other activities. Established in 1999 through the generosity of Beverly Scott Droege and John Robert Droege, the Droege Center has served students, faculty, and alumni through supportive academic pursuits for nearly 25 years.  

In today’s legal landscape, contemporary legal problems often involve multiple parties with varying degrees of interest; multiple and interdisciplinary issues; the need for the simultaneous resolution of past disputes and the shaping of future relations; and multiple jurisdictions. A deeper appreciation of such problems requires interdisciplinary and empirical investigation, and often requires a team approach.

Our Droege Law Centers & Clinics play a crucial role by providing students with hands-on experience in their chosen legal areas. Our array of centers includes:

Additionally, our diverse clinics contribute to this immersive learning experience:

These resources empower students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, fostering a well-rounded legal education.

Legal Externships

Cincinnati Law’s externship program creates unparalleled experiences that propel our students ahead in their careers post-graduation. Our students have undertaken externships at prestigious organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Fifth Third Bank, The Kroger Co., GE Aviation, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, United States Attorney and various other high-profile organizations. Those who secure their limited license to practice as a legal intern from the Ohio or Kentucky Supreme Courts can even represent clients at qualifying placement sites.

Beyond the invaluable firsthand legal experience, externships also offer the opportunity to earn academic credit. Furthermore, our judicial externship program strategically pairs students with judges, providing them with unique access to trials, hearings, and conferences. This comprehensive approach to experiential learning ensures that Cincinnati Law students are well-prepared and stand out in the competitive legal landscape.

Summer Public Interest Funding Program

Cincinnati Law’s Summer Public Interest Funding (SPIF) program gives qualifying students the opportunity to engage in meaningful work with legal non-profits or government organizations that may not provide funded summer positions. Participants are rewarded with a stipend for dedicating eight to 10 weeks to their roles during the summer break. Beyond the financial support, engaging in public interest work not only allows students to apply their legal skills in real-world settings but also fosters a sense of civic responsibility and social impact, contributing to their overall growth and understanding of the legal profession. Previous employers encompass a range of organizations, such as The Hamilton County Help Center, Children's Law Center, Immigrant and Refugee Law Clinic, First District Court of Appeals, and the City of Cincinnati Law Department.

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Cincinnati Law goes beyond the classroom, offering real-world learning opportunities via our clinics, centers, legal externships, and pro-bono experiences. Ready to explore further? Request information today!

UC Law offers experiential opportunities that are integral in becoming a good lawyer. Externships with organizations like Kroger and the Ohio Attorney General’s office and summer positions with federal judges and agencies give students hand-on opportunities to learn and grow through mentorship from successful legal professionals. Extracurriculars like Human Rights Quarterly and the moot court team allow students to be recognized for legal research and oral arguments, skills that are imperative for good lawyering.

Zahki Davis Class of 2019