Real-World Law Experience

At Cincinnati Law, we understand that real-world experiences not only boost your résumé—it also provides you with opportunities to build important connections, network across your interest areas, and learn firsthand what goes into different kinds of legal work. We offer experiences in our renowned centers and institutes as well as externships and fellowships to help prepare you for a lifetime of success. Whether you dream of becoming a corporate executive, prosecutor, judge, social justice advocate, or attorney, UC Law provides opportunities to get you there.

We Gurantee Experiences

100% Placement for Externships and Clinics

Centers & Clinics

UC Law offers centers and clinics for students to gain firsthand experience in the area of their choosing. For instance, the Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice features the Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic. If you wish to work with domestic violence survivors after graduating, this is indispensable experience. Our other centers include:

In addition to the Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic mentioned above, we also feature other clinics where you can experience real-world law. For example, our Patent and Trademark Clinic allows you to practice intellectual property law with local attorneys. Our other clinics include:

Legal Externships

Externships at UC Law have led to unforgettable experiences that put our students ahead of the pack after graduation. Students have had externships at Cincinnati Public Schools, Macy’s, Procter & Gamble, the Internal Revenue Service, and many more high-profile organizations. Students who earn their Limited License to Practice as a Legal Intern from the Ohio or Kentucky Supreme Courts are even able to make appearances for clients. In addition to the firsthand law experience, externships also provide academic credit.

We also provide a judicial externship program where students are matched with judges and attend trials, hearings, and conferences.

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The University of Cincinnati School of Law provides real-world learning opportunities with our clinics, centers, and legal externships. Many students also have the opportunity for pro bono work experience. At UC Law, the classroom is just the beginning. Interested in learning more? Request information today!

UC Law offers experiential opportunities that are integral in becoming a good lawyer. Externships with organizations like Kroger and the Ohio Attorney General’s office and summer positions with federal judges and agencies give students hand-on opportunities to learn and grow through mentorship from successful legal professionals. Extracurriculars like Human Rights Quarterly and the moot court team allow students to be recognized for legal research and oral arguments, skills that are imperative for good lawyering.

Zahki Davis Class of 2019