Professional Pathways


Choose from nine unique academic specialties.

The curriculum at the University of Cincinnati College of Law prepares students for effective and responsible participation in the legal profession and for admission to the bar. Because of the diversity in the backgrounds that students bring to law school and the differences in their objectives in law school and after graduation, UC Law students have the ability to select from a broad array of classes in their second and third years of law school.

Unlike the structured first-year academic program, second and third year law school students have the option to select among many classes based on these varied interests. Although these students must ensure that they will meet all of the graduation requirements including a small number of required courses, the rest of their course selections can be driven by their own career objectives and a desire to have a rigorous and fulfilling academic experience. The following Professional Pathways are designed to help students identify courses that will be useful to them as they prepare to enter various practice areas in the profession.

Most students will elect courses from multiple Professional Pathways as they strive to not only develop a depth of knowledge in certain curricular areas, but also to cultivate a breadth of knowledge that will allow them to become well-rounded lawyers. Such a curriculum helps students obtain knowledge of various substantive areas of the law, prepare to take a bar exam, and develop professional skills. We encourage all students to select challenging and unique courses from the rich curriculum offered by the UC College of Law.

Academic Advisors

Who is my academic advisor?

Breakdown of academic advisor(s) based on Professional Pathway.
Professional Pathway Advisor
Business and Entrepreneurship Law

Felix B. Chang, Associate Professor of Law and Co-Director, Corporate Law Center


Criminal Law

Janet Moore, Associate Professor of Law


Environmental & Energy Law

Brad Mank, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, James B. Helmer, Jr. Professor of Law


General and Small Practice Law Center for Professional Development
Health Law

S. Elizabeth (Betsy) Malloy, Andrew Katsanis Professor of Law


Innovation, Technology, and Intellectual Property

Timothy K. Armstrong, Professor of Law


International Law

Jacob Katz Cogan, Judge Joseph P. Kinneary Professor of Law


Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Marjorie Corman Aaron, Professor of Practice and Director, Center for Practice


Elizabeth Lenhart, Professor of Practice


Public Interest Law

Emily M.S. Houh, Gustavus Henry Wald Professor of the Law and Contracts and Co-Director, Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice