Admitted LLM Students

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The University of Cincinnati College of Law welcomes students and international attorneys from all countries to join our LLM Master of Laws in the US Legal System program.  We are a top 45 public law school and the 4th oldest in the US.  To date, we have welcomed students from 28 countries.  This year's class includes students from Italy, Nepal, Japan, Colombia, India, France, Kenya, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Russia, Greece and Brazil.  

At Cincinnati Law we are committed to a vision in which “[w]e strive to create a learning environment that inspires the pursuit of justice, cultivates diverse and innovative ideas about law in society, fosters collaborative relationships, and imparts the knowledge, values, and competencies needed to excel in a changing world.” Now more than ever we are obliged to educate students to enter a world where people are interconnected — beyond borders, across oceans, and with little regard for language barriers.

Experience and exposure to people and places outside of our own neighborhood is critical.  This is why our LLM program is so valuable and important.  We are cultivating citizens of the world!  Welcome to Cincinnati Law.  We are #CitizensoftheWorld and #YouAreWelcomeHere!

Required Action Items for LLM Students

Confirming your Enrollment at UC

In order to confirm your enrollment, please watch for an email from UC that contains your username, PIN, and a custom URL link. Use these to log into your home page in Slate, one of our student portals. Here, you will confirm your enrollment and be able to pay your seat deposit with a credit card. Confirming your enrollment will create your Cincinnati Law email address and start the process of creating your I-20 and other crucial items, so please do this right away. Please contact us at with questions.

Virtual Events

We are excited to offer admitted LLM students the opportunity to hear from various departments, current students, alumni, and more through a series of virtual events planned through the start of classes in August. Check out the full schedule below!

Note: This information will be updated soon.

2019 Orientation Materials:

Orientation Required Readings

  • StrengthsFinders: You will need to acquire a new copy of the StrengthsFinder book and complete the on-line assessment prior to orientation. Please read Parts I and II as well as the corresponding strengths from your assessment outcomes.
  • Whose Monet?: Before Tuesday August 13th, the first meeting of Foundations of Law, please read Chapters 1 – 6.
  • Expert Learning for Law Students: Before Tuesday August 13th, the first meeting of Fundamentals of Legal Study, please read Chapters 4 and 5. Chapters 1-3 are highly recommended reading.

We ask that all admitted LLM students please complete and submit the student photo release form and the student services form.

ORIENTATION: Mandatory LLM Orientation begins at 9 a.m. on Monday, August 10th. Please enter the front doors of the law school on Clifton Avenue. We will be there to greet you and direct you to Room 204, where we will be holding Orientation. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Monday. Please bring a laptop, if you have one, and a hard copy and/or electronic copy of your resume/CV. We will go over the schedule for the rest of the week on Monday.

If you are arriving late due to visa issues, please contact Mieke at for instructions on where to meet on your arrival day.

TAKE NOTE: Immunization Requirements - Due by November 9.

All incoming undergraduate, graduate and professional students attending main campus who are registered for more than six credit hours must comply with the univeristy immunization policy. Learn more: or call: 513-556-2564


Students are now able to get their Bearcat ID earlier than normal. Instructions to do are:

Email a “passport-style” photo to

  • Must have a plain background (white/cream) and well-lit
  • Sized under 20kb
  • Named: [M#]FirstnameLastname.jpg and attached to email
  • Use the subject line: "Badge for Law School Student 2019"