Admitted LLM Students

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The University of Cincinnati College of Law welcomes students and international attorneys from all countries to join our LLM Master of Laws in the US Legal System program.  We are a top 45 public law school and the 4th oldest in the US.  To date, we have welcomed students from 28 countries.  This year's class includes students from Italy, Nepal, Japan, Colombia, India, France, Kenya, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Russia, Greece and Brazil.  

At Cincinnati Law we are committed to a vision in which “[w]e strive to create a learning environment that inspires the pursuit of justice, cultivates diverse and innovative ideas about law in society, fosters collaborative relationships, and imparts the knowledge, values, and competencies needed to excel in a changing world.” Now more than ever we are obliged to educate students to enter a world where people are interconnected — beyond borders, across oceans, and with little regard for language barriers.

Experience and exposure to people and places outside of our own neighborhood is critical.  This is why our LLM program is so valuable and important.  We are cultivating citizens of the world!  Welcome to Cincinnati Law.  We are #CitizensoftheWorld and #YouAreWelcomeHere!

Admit Events

Required Action Items for Admitted LLM Students

Seat Deposit & Confirming your Enrollment at UC

To confirm your enrollment and submit your seat deposit, visit your Online Applicant Portal and locate the link to do so via credit card. You should have received an email shortly after applying with log-in instructions titled "Your Cincinnati Law Online Status Portal." Confirming your enrollment will create your official UC email address and start the process of creating your I-20 and other crucial items, so please do this right away. Please contact us at with questions.

Admitted Student Open House

This event is not your cookie-cutter program.

  • Engage in a lunch and learn followed by mini breakout discussions with law faculty
  • Meet the College of Law Dean, Verna Williams
  • Take an interactive virtual tour led by Student Ambassadors
  • Choose from concurrent interest sessions of your choice, including:  the Ohio Innocence Project, the Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights, the Center for Race, Gender, & Social Justice, the Corporate Law Center, Student Organizations and more.

Deposited Students

Task List


There is a series of required to-do's you must complete for fall enrollment. Please login to to select the "Task List" tile.

ORIENTATION: Mandatory LLM Orientation will beheld from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Wednesday, August 12 and Thursday, August 13 virtually. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dean Nora Wagner at

More details about Fall 2020 Orientation is coming soon.

Fall Career Book Club

Change is all around us and success is a moving target.  Your career will be less linear and more fluid, less corporate ladder and more of a career lattice.  This reality requires you to become a careerpreneur.  What does that mean?  We will answer that question together this fall and the first step is to read The Start-Up of You:  Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career, (Hoffman R. and Casnocha B., 2012).   We are giving you a long runway so that you can pace yourself, but just as you will learn to think like a lawyer you will also need to work like a professional, which means managing your career.  More to come in the weeks ahead. 

We ask that all admitted LLM students please complete and submit the student photo release form and the student services form.


You will be able to purchase a parking pass after you are formally registered for fall classes in Mid-July. Law students typically purchase passes for Stafford, Clifton, or CCM garages. Many students also locate free street parking near campus.

*Students who are taking mostly online courses can make the determination of whether or not they need a parking pass. Metered parking and free residential parking are also available surrounding campus.

TAKE NOTE: Immunization Requirements - Due by Nov. 18., 2020

All incoming undergraduate, graduate and professional students attending main campus who are registered for more than six credit hours must comply with the univeristy immunization policy. Learn more: or call: 513-556-2564


Students will be able to order their UC Student ID card starting August 9th.

Caution Regarding Bar Exam Eligibility

Due to Covid-19, the University of Cincinnati is offering most of it's Fall 2020 classes online. It is possible that Covid-19 will cause all Fall 2020 classes to be taught online. No decisions have been made yet about how classes will be delivered in Spring 2021. If you are planning to take a bar exam in the US, please contact the bar authority in the relevant state to determine whether online classes will interfere with your eligibility. The LLM program does not guarantee your eligibility for any bar exams.   

Computer Specifications for Law school:

The only operating systems supported at this time are Microsoft Windows and macOS. The versions supported are dictated by those companies and are subject to change with time. The supported versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system can be found here. The supported versions of macOS are typically the three latest major releases although Apple does not make this information public.

  • Windows*
    • Processor: 8th generation Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 3 with 2.0Ghz clock speed and quad-core (recommended)
    • Memory (RAM): 8GB (minimum), 16GB (recommended)
    • Hard Drive: 256GB (minimum), 512GB (recommended)
  • Mac
    • Processor: 8th generation Intel i5 with 2.0Ghz clock speed and quad-core (recommended)**
    • Memory (RAM): 8GB (minimum), 16GB (recommended)
    • Hard Drive: 256GB (minimum), 512GB (recommended)
    • We recommend MacBook Pro over MacBook Air

Unsupported Devices

While recent Windows Surface Pro tablets are supported, tablets running iOS (iPads), Android, or Windows RT are not supported for exams and are not appropriate laptop computers. Additionally, computers running Windows 10 S, Chrome OS, and Linux are not supported and will not work with the exam software. If you have any further questions regarding recommendations and support, please contact the UC Law IT department here.