Student Organizations

Student organizations are essential to a successful legal education, and they play a major role in shaping the social, cultural and intellectual environment at Cincinnati Law. These organizations sponsor workshops, panels, and networking opportunities. Combined with activities coordinated by the Student Bar Association as well as the Office of Student Affairs, Community Engagement, and Equity, campus life at Cincinnati Law remains an active and vibrant community. 

Mission Statement

Cincinnati Law student organizations enhance the University of Cincinnati’s educational experience by connecting students through academic, professional, cultural, political, and social interests.   By supporting student leadership, community engagement, and professional and social networking, Cincinnati Law furthers its mission to educate and inspire leaders who pursue justice and advance the role of law in society.           

                                                                                                -Adopted by the University of Cincinnati College of Law President’s Council, March 7, 2018

Enrich the lives of the students at Cincinnati Law to step outside their everyday professional lives and work to find joy in movement and the outdoors. This club is designed to inspire creativity and connection through outdoor experiences and adventures; to bring the students of Cincinnati Law together through hands-on and physical experiences such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, photography, rafting, and more


Student Representatives:

President: Abby Coogan

Provide students with the skills and knowledge of negotiations, mediation, and arbitration; provide students the opportunity to practice their skills through competitions and networking opportunities


Student Representatives:

  • President: Josh Lang

Faculty Advisor: Professor Lawrence

Promotes the vitality of the US Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses: individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, access to justice, democracy and the rule of law. ACS believes that law can and should be a force for improving the lives of all people. We are revitalizing and transforming legal policy debates in classrooms, courtrooms, legislatures and the media, and we are building a diverse and dynamic network of progressives committed to justice. Through these efforts, ACS will ensure that the institutions of American law reflect the highest values of our nation and serve the needs of its people


Student Representatives:

  • President: Madeline Brown

Faculty Advisor: Dean Tomain

Serves the interests and needs of students with ethnic and/or cultural ties to Asia and the Pacific Rim. Sponsoring symposiums, workshops, and social events, the organization heightens awareness of Asian Americans in the legal community. Through active participation, members derive a sense of self-empowerment, while developing invaluable leadership skills

Student Representatives:

  • President: Gabby Maramara

Faculty Advisor: Professor Houh


To promote the development of committed Black law students and lawyers, to inform Black law students and to encourage participation of Black law students in the affairs of the Black community, to increase the representation of Black law students, faculty members, and administrators of the University of Cincinnati College of Law, and to promote unity and awareness

Student Representatives:

  • President: Alex Mayanja


Faculty Advisor: Dean Jeter-Bailey

To provide an avenue for connecting with students outside of the academic setting using board and other such gaming. To create a nonacademic structured social interaction with peers. To educate members in how to play new board games and connect them with interested peers in a board game positive environment. To promote the lawyerly skills of advocacy, communication, and logic using board games. To create a supportive network of peers who we can rely on throughout our lawyering careers.


Student Representatives:
  • President: Charles Rappe
To continue to cultivate the business law community at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. BLS plans to (1) continue to connect motivated law students with established and local business law attorneys; and (2) to be an asset for local business ventures to receive legal information regarding the launch or maintenance of their businesses


Student Representatives:

  • President: Carly Holloway

A group for Christians of all denominations, and non-Christians to explore a Christian perspective on the law and the legal profession. CLS as an organization looks to share the good news of the gospel with its community by serving fellow students and the city at large

Student Representatives:

  • President: Jonathan Walthour


Faculty Advisor: Professor Mank


Seeks to promote interests in issues related to criminal law, provide opportunities to those interested in criminal law, and to teach the general student body about issues facing the criminal law community.


  • President: Bethany Notestine


Faculty Advisor: Brian Howe

DREAM stands for Disability Rights, Education, Advocacy, and Mentoring. Their mission is: “The mission of DREAM is to provide a diverse and inclusive forum for students with disabilities and students interested in pursuing a career in disability law to be supported by allies. DREAM will prioritize equality for the disabled community by fighting for and offering accommodations, providing a network of lawyers with disabilities and disability friendly employers, educating the legal community about the disabled community, creating mentorship opportunities for students with disabilities, and advocating for disability rights in the law.



  • President: Abby Mcnichols

Promotes an awareness of present and future issues in the field of environmental law. It sponsors programs featuring guest speakers on topics of interest to its members and the community.

Student Leaders:

  • President: Delaney Cook


Faculty Advisor: Brad Mank

To support the interests and needs of the University of Cincinnati College of Law students aspiring to Federal practice, both public and private, as well as to strengthen student interest and knowledge in the Federal legal system.

Student Representatives

  • President: Teresa Labello


Faculty Advisor: Professor Lenhart

To investigate the role of law as one of the great organizing forces of our society, and to participate in that shaping process. The Federalist Society is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve individual liberties, that economic and political liberties are inextricably intertwined, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to saw what the law is, not what it should be, and that the true purpose of the legal order it to ensure that the power conferred upon the state is used to secure people's lives and goods.

Student Representatives

  • President: Nick Novotny


Faculty Advisor: Professor Bryant

To support those who are the first in their family to attend law school, or who did not grow up in the presence of a lawyer or legal practitioner. To accomplish this goal, the FGLS provides programming and support meant to help its audience.


Student Representatives

  • President: Emily Hamaker

Student Representatives

  • President: Megan Fisher

Adjudicates Honor Code violations and recommends sanctions to the dean and faculty. The council is comprise of class representatives, the president of the Student Bar Association, and the chair of the Student Legal Education Committee.


Student Representatives

Faculty Advisor: Professor McMahon

Educates, organizes, and supports law students to ensure that a new generation of advocates will be prepared to protect and expand reproductive rights as basic civil and human rights.

Executive Board

  • Thomas Ribar


Faculty Advisor: Professor Kalsem


Student Representatives:

  • President: Jacob Metzger 
  • Vice-President: Micah Kindred 
  • Treasurer: Joshua Lang
  • Secretary: Connor Trapp

Faculty Advisor: Tim Armstrong


“The International Law Society is dedicated to promoting international law among the student body. Our mission is to facilitate exposure to various fields and to help prepare students for their future careers. We will provide discussion and education on topics related to international business, human rights, and other sectors of public interest. We are committed to justice, equality, developing our cultural awareness, and becoming competent professionals.”


Student Representatives: 

  • President: Shannon Conroy

Faculty Director: Professor Cogan

Student Representatives:

  • President: Rebecca Davis

Faculty Advisor: Rachel Smith

Seeks to foster engagement in the area of juvenile law. Interested in "child welfare, and the rules and procedures for dealing with juvenile delinquency, status offense or dependency," (Ohio State Bar Association). We network with local lawyers that work with children in all forms, including child welfare, delinquency, and family law.

Student Representatives

  • President: Emma Kalucki


Faculty Advisor: Professor Hubbard


Centered around developing an understanding of both Labor law and Employment law. We work with union agencies and administrative agencies to enhance the law students understanding of the specific areas of labor law and employment law.


Student Representatives

  • President: Sadie Sand

Focused on advancing Latino/a academic success and commitment to community services. Committed to encourage student-led encuentros, conferences, and other community-strengthening gatherings. We aspire to inform, excite and empower generations of law students so that they may be responsive to the legal needs of the communities that surround them.


Student Representatives

  • President: Michael Hakes-Rodriguez
Provide Mulim law students a platform where they can connect with the legal community and advocate for the social, economic, political and religious issues of Muslims in the United States. MLA's goal is to reach out to the Muslim community and prove to be a legal liasion for Muslims in Cincinnati.


Student Representatives:

  • President: Basma Garadah


Use the law for the people, uniting lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers to function as an effective force in the service of the people by valuing human rights over property interests. To create a coalition of individuals dedicated to protecting and broadening the rights and liberties of workers, women, LGBTQ+ people, farmers, people with disabilities, and minority groups, upon whom the welfate of the nation depends; who seek actively to eliminate racisim; who work to maintain and protect our civil rights and liberties in the face of persistent attacks upon them; and who look upon the law as an instrument for the protection of the people, rather than for their repression

Executive Council:

  • Julieana Hay 


Faculty Advisors:

Professor Houh and Professor Howe

Dedicated to creating a forum for all students and faculty o discuss ideas of sexual orientation in the law. Aim to create a voice for law students who identify as members of the LGBTQIA community, and to foster a supprotive atmosphere for inclusivity within the law school. Strive to ensure that LGBTQIA students are fully supported as they enter the legal community.

Student Representatives

  • President: Tori Delaney


Faculty Advisor: Professor Kalsem

Student Representatives: 

  • President: Sarah Smith
Faculty Advisor: Jim Tomaszewski


Student Representatives:

  • President: Michael Hakes-Rodriguez

To improve law students understanding of sports law and entertainment law. Host social and educational events, attend sports and entertainment practical competitions, and attend events with local professional sports team. Provide law students with the chance to develop practical skills and connect with practicing attorneys and professionals within the sport and entertainment fields.

Student Representatives:

  • President: Thomas Kemmet


Faculty Advisor: Sean Mangan


The major funding and activity support group of the College. Sponsors social, sporting and cultural events, acts as a liason between the administration and the student body and provides funding for student organizations. Acts as a forum to coordinate student activities in the law school.


Student Representatives:

  • Kelze Riley

The Student Legal Education Committee (SLEC) provides a mechanism for student participation in policy decisions affecting the College. Members of SLEC are assigned to the following College committees: Curriculum, Admissions, Faculty Appointments, Student Petitions and Academic Review, Nippert Committee on Lectures and Symposia, Center for Professional Development and Library. They may also form Ad Hoc Committees to study and report on problems affecting the student body. Together with faculty and administration representatives on these committees, students discuss and vote upon issues, assign tasks, and attempt to arrive at decisions which represent an accommodation of diverse views. SLEC members are elected from and by the student body. Members of SLEC distribute, collect, and analyze the faculty evaluation forms completed at the end of every semester by the students. Vacancies on the committee are filled in the fall semester.

SLEC Chair: Chris Colloton

Vice Chair: Audrey Woodward

3L Reps:

  • Kelzé Riley
  • Nick Kwon
  • Ethan Blandino
  • Megan Bowling
  • Ashley Thompson-Lutz
  • Aqdas Khudadad


2L Reps:

  • Maddie Ward
  • Marques Jones
  • Megan Fisher
  • Drew Dear
  • Beth Ann Powers
  • Elizabeth Music
  • Kelly Schweikert

LLM/1L Reps:

  • Raquel Molina
  • Joele Newman
  • Adam Gross
  • Alexandra Buchler
  • Annabelle Fisher
  • Natalie Johnson
  • Morgann Newell

To build practical skills for students interested in careers in litigation. Students selected through an internal competition face teams from other law schools in courtroom trials of mock cases.

Student Representatives:

  • President: Corbin Eilmes


Faculty Advisor: Professor Aaron

The mission of UCincyIP is to provide a diverse and inclusive forum for UC Law students to promote the field of intellectual property law to law students and foster opportunities in the field for those interested. UCincyIP advocates for the legal, political, economic, and social equality of all people regardless of sex, gender, race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political ideology, sexual identity, age, disability, class, or socioeconomic status. 


Student Representatives:

  • President: Jacob Metzger

To provide a diverse and inclusive forum for UC Law students to promote the representation and leadership of women in the legal profession and within the law school community. UCLW advocates for the legal, political, economic, and social equality of all people regardless of sex, gender, race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political ideology, sexual identity, age, disability, class, or socioeconomic status.


Student Representatives:

  • President: Emily Harmon

Faculter Advisor: Betsy Lenhart