Ranking Information

Beginning with the Class of 2023, individual class ranks will not appear on students’ transcripts.  Instead, students in the top half of the class will be placed on a percentile scale that will show the cumulative grade point average for certain percentage ranges (15%, 25%, 35%, 50%). At the end of each semester, the College will post on its website the then-current distribution so that students may determine their approximate class standing. The distribution for each semester will be retained on the website as a reference.

Students in the upper 10% of the class will be ranked individually only at the conclusion of each academic year. Individual class ranks will be disclosed confidentially to the students in the upper 10% percent of the class; however, the individual class rank will not appear on students’ transcripts. For students who are not in the top 10% of the class, their class ranking, if calculated, will not be communicated to anyone, including the student so ranked.

Ranking Transfer Students

Non-transfer students are ranked relative to one another based on their cumulative GPA. Transfer students are assigned a parallel rank by comparing their UC Law GPA to the upper-level UC Law GPA of other transfer students and non-transfer students. The calculation of GPAs for past/current/future LLM-JD transfers will include their LLM letter grades.

Previous Distributions

Rankings at the Conclusion of the Spring 2023 Semester

Class of 2023

GPA cut-off for the Class of 2023
Approximate Cut-Off Percent of Class
3.769 15
3.614 25
3.552 35
3.380 50

Class of 2024

GPA cut-off for the Class of 2024
Approximate Cut-off Percent of Class  
3.696 15  
3.574 25  
3.478 35  
3.295 50  

Class of 2025

GPA cut-off for Class of 2025
Approximate Cut-off Percent of Class  
3.656 15  
3.474 25  
3.293 35  
3.081 50