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E-Mail Listservs

The College of Law provides two types of listservs for the benefit of its faculty, students, and staff, namely, moderated listservs and unmoderated listservs.

Moderated Listservs

Members of the College of Law community are automatically subscribed to one or more moderated listserv based on their relationship to the College.

College of Law administration, faculty, and student organizations established by the College directly or through the Student Bar Association may, upon approval of the List Moderator, post to moderated listservs announcements that are pertinent to the business of the College of Law. Moderated listservs are not forums for debate, discussion or the exchange of ideas.

Notices of meetings, events, or activities that student organizations sponsor shall be made through the weekly e-mail newsletter sent through the Office of Student Affairs. These will also be posted on the student intranet’s events calendar (access for law students, faculty, and staff only) so that students can easily locate information pertaining to these meetings, events, or activities. Student organizations should also make use of their own internal distribution lists to advertise their events, meetings, and activities.

Student organizations may use the moderated listservs to post an initial introductory e-mail inviting students to join their organization at the start of each fall semester, and an additional email to announce the upcoming election of their officers in the spring semester.

The List Moderator shall determine whether a submission is appropriate for the list based on the aforementioned criteria.

Requests for reconsideration of rejected submissions shall be made first to the List Moderator by e-mail. Upon request, a review of the List Moderator's second rejection may be made to the Director of the Law Library and Information Technology, whose determination is final.

Unmoderated Listservs

Unmoderated listservs offer forums for discussion and exchange of views, as well as outlets for postings that fall outside the parameters of the moderated listservs.

Members of the College of Law community who wish to participate in an unmoderated listserv must affirmatively subscribe to it, and may unsubscribe at any time. Subscriptions may also be controlled by the list owner.

Only subscribers may post to unmoderated listservs.

Conduct of subscribers who use the unmoderated listservs is governed by applicable University rules, policies and codes of conduct. Complaints of unmoderated listserv abuse should be directed to the appropriate University or College of Law administrator.

Access to College of Law Listservs

The use of moderated and unmoderated listservs provided by the College of Law is a privilege extended to faculty, administrative staff and students of the College. The College of Law reserves the right, pursuant to University and College guidelines, to unsubscribe individuals who abuse this privilege. The College of Law further reserves the right to discontinue any listserv at any time without notice.

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