Double Bearcat

UC Double Bearcat Direct Admission

The College of Law can allow a limited number of highly qualified and currently enrolled University of Cincinnati undergraduate students to enroll without taking the LSAT.  Only UC undergraduate students who have earned 85th percentile or above on the ACT or SAT and achieved a 3.65 GPA or higher after at least six semesters are eligible.  Students who have taken the LSAT are not eligible. Meeting this criteria does not guarantee admission.

UC students considering this program are encouraged to apply through LSAC by the application deadline of the year they are looking to enter law school. Aside from the LSAT requirement, all other admission requirements must be met.  Additionally, an original copy of your ACT or SAT score must be on record with UC and available to the College of Law.  Questions can be directed to the College of Law Admissions Office at 513-556-0078.