A New Home for the College of Law

Reflecting mission, the College of Law’s new home will be a place “to educate and inspire.”

A $45.6 million renovation will transform the existing 84,443-square-foot campus facility to create open, modern, light-filled spaces for the College of Law’s close-knit student community. 

A prominent location along Martin Luther King Drive will place UC Law in the heart of campus and along the primary connector to the new Innovation Corridor, strengthening connections to university partners and providing unparalleled access and opportunity to our community partners including the more than 800 law firms, Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, agencies, and state and federal courts that call Cincinnati home. 

Completely upgraded classroom technology, expanded library facilities and centralized student services will make this a best-in-class law school like no other, serving as a launchpad for student success.

For our faculty, centers and institutes, UC Law’s new home expands spaces for impactful learning and research to thrive, while providing a place to honor the important accomplishments of our past.

This new building will exemplify the upward trajectory of our law school, a tangible reminder to embrace our next purpose. Its design will meet the evolving, innovative needs of our students for years to come.

Verna Williams, Dean and Nippert Professor of Law