Intellectual Property and Computer Law Journal

The newest scholarly journal at the College of Law, the Intellectual Property and Computer Law Journal (IPCLJ) provides thoughtful and thorough analysis of important issues in an array of areas for the scholarly community and practitioners alike.

Coverage areas include doctrinal subjects traditionally within the broad domain of intellectual property (patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secrets) as well as both short-form and long-form scholarship on entertainment, media and free expression, telecommunications, privacy, sports law, and computer and technology subjects.

The IPCLJ is published online and takes full advantage of an electronic publication.  In keeping with the College’s customary practice, the IPCLJ is published under the supervision of faculty advisor Professor Timothy K. Armstrong. 

Members of the Journal in the 2017-2018 year include the following students:

Editor in Chief: Morgan Hartgrove
Executive Editor: Sarah McGraw
Managing Editor: Jennifer Campbell
Publications Editor: Jacob Conners
Outreach Chair: Asa Bell

If you are interested in having your work published by the Journal, please send an e-mail inquiry to and the Board will provide you with writing guidelines and other details.