Immigration and Human Rights Law Review

The Immigration and Human Rights Law Review (IHRLR) is a student-run publication committed to the development of legal knowledge in the fields of immigration law and human rights. Created in 1976, the Immigration and Human Rights Law Review was originally a reprint journal, serving the scholarly community as an anthology of the most seminal law review articles on immigration and nationality while including legislative summaries and a limited number of original contributions. Today IHRLR is an online Law Review dedicated to publishing the work of University of Cincinnati Law students as they begin to contribute to legal scholarship as a whole..  

Published twice a year, the IHRLR seeks to promote awareness, knowledge, and discussion on current matters of law and policy in the fields of immigration and human rights, as well as the intersection of these policies with issues of race, gender, class, and national security. The implications of immigration and human rights law often transcend beyond their areas and influence the fields of constitutional and criminal law, international law, ethnic conflict, and more. The journal is aimed at academics, students, government officials, immigration and human rights practitioners, lawyers working in these fields, and individuals and organizations interested in the areas of immigration or human rights law.


  • Editor-in-Chief: Alexandria Doty
  • Managing Editor: Ashley Ward
  • Publishing Editor: Grace Rolman
  • Editors: Dayna Mathew, Rokhaya Niang, and Zach Lemester

Associate members of the IHRLR write a total of three blog-style essays and one traditional case note or comment during their first year with the journal. At the end of the spring semester, associate members who choose to continue with the journal run for positions on the IHRLR editorial or executive boards for the following year.

Journal Submissions

The Immigration and Human Rights Law Review is looking to expand both its audience as well as the content it publishes. If you are interested in submitting your work to the IHRLR, please contact IHRLR at for more information.  

Writing Competitions

At the end of each spring semester, 1st and 2nd-year law students are eligible to apply for an associate member position via a writing competition. Those whose writing skills are deemed exceptional by the editorial board are invited to join the IHRLR during the late summer before the new academic year begins.