Alcohol and Drug Use Policy

Research indicates that those in the law profession are at a heightened risk to develop problems with substance abuse, due to many factors specific to the profession, including stress, workload and time constraints. The American Bar Association’s House of Delegates has recently adopted a resolution urging law schools to increase their efforts to help future attorneys with mental health and substance abuse issues.

UC Law is committed to helping students find healthy ways to deal with stress and to support them with confidential assistance if they are struggling with substance abuse. We aim to encourage students to think more carefully about the effects of alcohol and drug use on their lives during law school and during their future careers. We are happy to provide a referral for confidential counseling services if drug and/or alcohol use is causing problems for a student in his or her life.

OLAP, Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program

Referrals for professional counseling services can be made to OLAP, the Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program (1-800-348-4343).  OLAP provides help to law students with problems related to substance abuse, drug addiction, and mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and depression.  OLAP can provide a full confidential substance abuse and mental health assessment and will then recommend services on an individual basis.  The OLAP website also offers videos and testimonials, links to the OLAP blog and a variety of self tests.    

CAPS, The University of Cincinnati's Counseling and Psychological Services

Referrals for professional counseling can also be made to CAPS, UC’s Counseling & Psychological Services, located at 225 Calhoun Street (next to Target), Ste. 200 (call 513 556 0648 for appointments or if you need to see someone in the CAPS office immediately Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm).  CAPS’s 24 hour Consultation and Crisis Helpline number is 513 556 0648 (press 1 to speak with a counselor).  CAPS will provide a confidential assessment, counseling and referral to other services if necessary.  CAPS’s Substance Use Assessment Counseling and Intervention Program is a clinical program that is designed to help students explore their alcohol and drug behaviors, assess for risk factors that can lean lead to problems, and improve decision-making skills to reduce harmful behaviors. 

UC Law encourages students to take advantage of CAPS resources.  Doing so will not in any way jeopardize your education or your career.  All information shared with CAPS is completely confidential.

If you want to learn more about alcohol and drug use, informational brochures are available near the student affairs bulletin board outside the registrar’s office in room 201N.

Students interested in a confidential alcohol self assessment tool can go to  

UC CAPS recommends the Cincinnati-based Addiction Services Council for additional substance abuse resources and information on drug and/or alcohol treatment, prevention and friends and family support. They offer a 24 hour helpline at 513-281-7880.

For information on Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the Cincinnati area, visit or call 513 351 0422.  

For information on Narcotics Anonymous in the Cincinnati area, visit or call 513 820 2937.  

Students in crisis should be referred to the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Diversity.  

Concerns regarding a UC Law student’s abuse of alcohol or other controlled substances, as well as behavior that may impair a student’s ability to meet professional standards over time, should be reported to   

Students and employees in violation of drug and alcohol policies governed by the university and local, state and federal laws will be subjected to disciplinary action. 

UC Law students should be aware of the university-wide policies related to smoking, alcohol and drug use.