Rules and Procedures

Exam Numbers & Anonymous Grading

The anonymous system requires you to use a four digit number instead of your name to identify your examination. You will receive a different exam number for every exam you will take each semester.  Bring your exam number with you to every exam to ensure you are using the correct number.

Your exam numbers will be available from the Registrar's Office. You must submit your completed “Character and Fitness Update Form” and “Requirements for Use of Laptop Computers on Exams” to the Registrar before receiving your exam numbers.

Requirements for Use of Laptop Computers Form

Most faculty permit students to take exams on laptop computers using the special exam-writing software, Exam 4.0.  To use a laptop for your exams, you must:

  • Download and register Exam 4.0 onto your laptop;
  • Complete and submit a practice exam using Exam 4.0 prior to your first exam;
  • Agree to print any notes or outlines your instructor allows for the exam, understanding that the exam software will not allow you to access any other programs or files on your laptop during the exam;
  • Agree to handwrite your answers in the unlikely event of a hardware/software malfunction or power failure; and
  • Submit to the Registrar the completed “Requirements for Use of Laptop Computers on Exams” form, indicating you have completed all of these tasks when you pick up your exam numbers.

Quiet Period

Once the regularly scheduled exam has been given, students may NOT ask professors questions about the subject matter. This is a possible Honor Code violation since you are identifying yourself to the instructor and it could be considered an advantage that the other students have not had.

Illness or Family Emergency During the Exam Period

An examination may be rescheduled in the event of an emergency, or if it has become impossible or impracticable for you to take the exam at the scheduled time.  If this is the case, then your deferral must be approved in advance and you must email or call the Registrar’s Office (513-556-0070) prior to the start of the exam.  If you claim to be unable to take an exam because of your own illness or family member’s medical emergency, you must produce a valid statement from a physician (who is not related to you).

A student whose absence from an examination is not excused by the Dean or Registrar shall receive a grade of “UWF” (Unauthorized Withdrawal, Failing) in the course.  Make sure you set a backup alarm.  If you are not present when the exam starts, the Registrar may attempt to give you a courtesy call; however, it is your responsibility to be here on time. Time is not extended for students arriving late.

Deferred exams will be administered on the Fridays or exam weeks at 9:30 a.m. unless noted otherwise. Deferred exams occur after the original date of the exam. Students are not permitted to take an exam prior to its regularly scheduled time except in the case of extreme hardship (example would be a student called to active duty or other similar situation). Deferred exams follow the exact instructions as when the exam was originally administered.