Admissions Events

Upcoming Open House

Friday, November 4 | Sessions begin at 10 AM and 2 PM

Join us during one of two mini open house sessions on Friday, November 4, 2022. These mini sessions will provide you the opportunity to hear from faculty, students, and admissions reps while remaining in smaller groups. The health and safety of our students and guests are of utmost importance, and we want everyone to feel safe and comfortable while learning about how Cincinnati Law can help you launch your unlimited future. At this time, we are not allowing registrants to bring more than one guest.

Campus with Downtown in background

Prospective Student Events

Ask Admissions Virtual Events

Join us for a short presentation followed by an open Q&A to get all of your most pressing questions answered.

  • September 29, 2022 | 12:15-1 PM
  • January 19, 2023 | 12:15-1 PM

Fall 2022 Recruitment Schedule

Meeting You Where You Are

Every year the University of Cincinnati College of Law admissions staff travels the country to meet prospective students where they are. The majority of law school fairs and prospective student receptions nationwide occur in the fall, with a smaller number of events held the rest of the year. View our travel recruitment schedule below.

College Fairs & LSAC Forums

2022 Cincinnati Law Recruitment Schedule
Recruitment Events Date Time Type 
Central State Univ. Constitution/Pre-Law Symposium 9/15 10AM - 4PM In-Person
9th Annual National HBCU Pre-Law Expo  9/16 6:30PM - 8:30PM In-Person
Ohio Wesleyan Career & Grad School Fair 9/21 11AM - 2PM  In-Person
Xavier University Fall Career Fair
9/22 2PM-5PM


LSAC Chicago Law School Forum 9/24 10AM - 5PM  In-Person
Indiana University Law Day     9/27 9AM - 3PM In-Person
Ohio Northern University Fall Career and Graduate School Fair 9/27 9AM - 12PM In-Person
University of Illinois Law Fair
9/28 11PM - 3PM In-Person
LSAC Miami Law School Forum 10/1 10AM - 5PM In-Person
University of Tennessee Law Fair 10/4 10AM - 2PM In-Person
Georgetown College Law & Graduate School Fair  10/4 11AM - 1PM  In-Person
Centre College Law School Fair   10/4 3PM - 5PM In-Person
University of Kentucky Law School Fair  10/5 11AM-2PM  In-Person
Translyvania University Law School Fair 10/5 6PM - 7PM  In-Person
Notre Dame Virtual Law School Fair 10/6 12PM - 2PM Virtual
LSAC Atlanta Law School Forum   10/7 12PM - 7PM In-Person
University of Maryland Law Fair 10/12 11AM - 2PM In-Person
Washington DC Law School Fair at George Washington University 10/12 4PM-8PM In-Person
LSAC NY Law School Forum 10/15 12PM - 7PM In-Person
LSAC NY Law School Forum 10/15 10AM - 5PM  In-Person
Greater Pittsburg Law Fair 10/19 11AM - 2PM  In-Person
LSAC Digital Forum 10/22 TBA In-Person
University of Cincinnati Law Fair 10/24 12PM - 3PM In-Person
Ohio State University Law Fair   10/25 11AM -  2PM In-Person  
University of Dayton Law Fair 10/25 6PM - 8PM In-Person
Miami University (OH) Law Day Fair    10/26 10AM -  1:30PM In-Person
University of Arizona Law School Expo (WAPLA) 10/27 9AM  - 5PM In-Person
Ohio University Law Fair 10/27 11:30AM -  2:30PM In-Person
Arizona State WAPLA 10/28 9AM -  5PM


Los Angeles LSAC Law School Forum 10/29 10AM -  5PM


NKU Criminal Justice Career and Law and Graduate School Fair 11/2 2PM - 5PM


LSAC Houson Law School Forum 11/5 TBA


John Jay College of Criminal Justice 2022 Graduate and Professional School Fair 11/10 12:30PM - 3:30PM In-Person
LSAC Digital Law School Forum 11/19 2PM -  6PM CST In-Person
University of Alabama Law Fair 1/24/23 12PM - 3PM CST In-Person
Auburn University Law Fair 1/25/23 11AM - 3PM CST In-Person
Tuskegee University Law Fair  1/26/23 5PM - 7PM CST In-Person
University of West Florida Law Fair 1/27/23 1PM - 3PM CST In-Person
LSAC Digital Law School Forum 2/3/23 3PM - ^PM EST Virtual