Event Planning Checklist

This is a brief checklist of steps to use when planning an event at Cincinnati Law.

Please note the following restrictions regarding scheduling events:

  • No lunch hour programming of any kind is permitted on Mondays (unless it is a scheduled make-up class or when Constitution Day falls on a Monday).
  • No programming may conflict with College of Law signature lectures, conferences, and symposia.
  • No more than 2 outside speaker events are allowed on any day (Tuesday-Friday) during the lunch hour.

Six Weeks or More Prior to the Event

  • Determine size, location and topic of your event.
  • Determine your co-sponsors and invitees.
  • Check the 25Live scheduling database for available dates.
  • Contact speakers and/or participants to determine availability.
  • Confirm speakers and participants. Discuss time, date, and place, as well as dietary requirements, type of travel, payment, technical and accessibility needs. 
  • Enter your event into the 25Live scheduling database. Consider room capacities at the law school.  These can be viewed in 25Live.
  • Determine event budget and secure funding sources. If necessary, seek donations or sponsorships to assist with budget management. Consider:
    • Cost of promotional materials and/or invitations
    • Speaker(s) costs, including travel, hotel, miscellaneous expenses
    • Catering
    • Supplies, including pens/pencils/markers, binders, flipcharts, notepads
    • Duplication of program materials
    • Speaker gift and/or attendee gifts.
  • Establish a publicity plan for the event. Create print materials including invitations, save the date cards, brochures, posters, etc.  
  • Determine if your event requires program materials and make arrangements for their production and printing.  Program materials can be copied through the University Copy Center. The Copy Center provides free pick-up and delivery and maintains a one-day turnaround for most small and average-sized jobs. Students are responsible for printing their own event brochures. Program materials may include:
    • Name tags
    • Table tent cards
    • Signage
    • Brochures
    • Programs.
  • Determine registration requirements for participants. The registration process can be done by phone, mail or email.  When a fee is involved with the event, the law school is permitted to accept payment by check only.  The law school cannot accept payment by Paypal or credit card, per university policy.
  • Book travel arrangements and communicate travel reimbursement guidelines to participants.  Travel Authorization Forms must be completed and signed by the College of Law Dean prior to travel arrangements for each invited guest. 
  • Request special services and equipment.  
  • Select caterer, confirm date on their calendar, and provide a draft agenda of food service needs.
  • When hosting an event for CLE credit hours,
    • Select the topic of the event.
    • Determine the amount of time the event will last, excluding all breaks, breakfast, lunch or dinner.
    • Submit information including program description, agenda, handout materials and speaker bios 

Two Weeks Prior to the Event

  • Provide posters or flyers for display on law school bulletin boards.
  • Request any presentation materials from speaker(s).
  • Send reminder email to invitees.
  • Meet with all involved event staff to discuss logistics for the day of the event.
  • Finalize catering arrangements.
  • Check in with speakers and/or participants to confirm travel arrangements and event details.
  • Confirm number of attendees with caterer.
  • Confirm any and all housekeeping requests.  
  • Confirm media services needs.
  • If you'd like your event advertised in the weekly College newsletter, send all event information to Kinsey Kovar ( ) no later that 10:00 am on the Friday before the week of your event.

3-5 Days Prior to the Event

  • Send a final email reminder to invitees.
  • Purchase food, drinks, ice, utensils and other items not supplied by caterer.
  • Print/copy nametags and other materials as needed.

Day of Event

  • Check room to make sure it is clean and holds the necessary equipment and furniture.
  • Arrange table seating if necessary.
  • Meet caterer for set-up.
  • Place water at the podium for each speaker.
  • Set-up name tags and/or distribute programs.

Within One Week Following the Event

  • Send speakers thank-you notes.
  • Pay vendors. Submit original receipts for payment/reimbursement.
  • Compile a list of all expenses incurred for the event.
  • Document all event details and discuss possible improvements, so that future groups may benefit from your experience.
  • Collect all submitted CLE cards and forms