Information for Students

What You Can Expect:

  • Experience an actual attorney-client relationship as you prepare for and lead client meetings, counsel clients, and appear in court.
  • Prepare documents to govern the attorney client relationship, including preparing engagement letters, closing letters, and court documents.
  • Assume responsibility for and gain an understanding of the mechanics of how a law firm/nonprofit operates.
  • Gain exposure to the injustices in our “justice” system and, in particular, the impact these injustices have on people of color, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ+ community, women, and those at the intersection of those communities.

Information for Students

  • Incoming 2Ls, 3Ls, and LLM Students.
  • There are no Prerequisites. 
  • If you are a 3L, you will be required to apply for a legal intern certificate from the Supreme Court of Ohio. You should allow at least three weeks to apply and have your application processed by the Supreme Court of Ohio. To apply for the certificate, follow the application procedures noted on the Ohio Supreme Court's website. 

How to Apply

Send your Resume and Cover Letter to Professor Sarah Adkins at by 5 p.m. on April 15. Please indicate how many clinical credits you would like to apply for in your cover letter. Interviews will take place the week of April 18. If you are not selected, please apply again for the Spring Course.

Credit Details

The Legal Access Clinic is a semester-long clinic composed of two components, a classroom component and an experiential component:

Classroom Component - 2 Credits*

  • There is no final - 2 short papers and a few small assignments
  • The classroom component focuses on soft skills primarily with guest speakers to introduce you to various practice areas you’ll encounter
  • Graded on a A/B/C/D/F scale

Experiential Component - Variable Credits*

  • You can choose the number of credits when applying:
  • 2 credits - 8 hours per week - 96 hours per semester
  • 3 credits - 12 hours per week - 144 hours per semester
  • 4 credits - 16 hours per week - 192 hours per semester
  • Graded on a HP/P/LP/F scale 

*Pending Approval