Teddy Moseley

Teddy Moseley was convicted in 2000 of two counts of aggravated vehicular assault and three counts of involuntary manslaughter when the car he was in spun out of control, crossed the center line and struck a minivan in Scioto County. The jury determined he was driving when the accident occurred, and he was sentenced to 11 years.

After his conviction, five people came forward to indicate they had been at the scene shortly after the accident, and they knew Moseley had been in the backseat. All of them claimed that the police knew of their presence on the scene but failed to contact any of them for testimony. In light of the new evidence, Moseley attempted, unsuccessfully, to get a new trial.

In 2007, OIP submitted a letter supporting Moseley's request for executive clemency. In December 2010, Ohio Governor Ted Strickland granted him clemency. He had served 10 years.

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