About the Director

About the Director

Professor Mark Godsey [link to Cincinnati Law bio], who cofounded the Ohio Innocence Project at Cincinnati Law, is an award-winning classroom teacher, author, a top scholar on the issue of police interrogation and one of the leading attorneys and activists globally in the Innocence Movement.

Since 2008, Godsey has served on the Executive Board of the Innocence Network, the organization representing Innocence Projects in the United States and around the world, and serves as co-chair of the International Committee. He has been a leading figure in spreading awareness of wrongful convictions around the world, and with assisting lawyers and scholars in other countries to establish mechanisms for fighting wrongful convictions. He has widely lectured and consulted on the subject in Asia, Africa and Europe, and helped establish the European Innocence Network. The Center for the Global Study of Wrongful Conviction that Godsey directs, a sub-component of the OIP, sponsors an international innocence conference in a different country each year.

He is the author of 2017’s best-selling Blind Injustice: A Former Prosecutor Exposes the Psychology and Politics of Wrongful Convictions and has published numerous law review articles in some of the most respected law journals in the country.

Godsey is also a regular commentator in both the local and national press, and has appeared nationally on Larry King Live, Dateline NBC, CNN, ESPN, BBC, Forensic Files and NPR, among others. He has been quoted in The New York Times, Newsweek, People and the Wall Street Journal. In 2017, Time Magazine profiled his career and many of his cases over the years.

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