Academic Success

At Cincinnati Law, we are here to support and guide you throughout your law school career, from your first year through the bar exam. We are proud to have designed an innovative program that supports your success, both inside and outside of the classroom.

First-Year Students

As a first-year student at Cincinnati Law, you are invited to participate in Structured Study Groups (SSGs) and any 1L Success Workshops.

The SSGs, which are expected to meet for approximately 60-90 minutes on a weekly basis, are led by trained second- and third-year law students. The 1L Success Workshops, which are offered on specified dates throughout the year, are led by the Director for Academic Success and Bar Programs and the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Community Engagement and Equity.

These meetings and workshops focus on developing and applying study skills specific to law school (e.g., case study method, Socratic method, case briefing, outlining, legal analysis and writing, time management, and exam preparation and strategy). They will also often incorporate stress management tools and provide details on student wellness resources.

Note that the SSG meetings and 1L Success Workshops are not designed to teach the law; rather, they will guide students as they develop the skills needed to teach themselves the law.

Throughout the year, first-year students can also schedule individual meetings with the Assistant Dean and/or Director for Academic Success and Bar Programs for additional academic support.

Upper-Level Students

Second- and third-year students who want to enhance their academic performance can also schedule individual meetings with Cincinnati Law’s Assistant Dean and/or Director for Academic Success and Bar Programs. These meetings can be used to: help students identify potential areas of academic improvement, provide strategies to enhance exam performance, and/or lend guidance regarding course selection(s).

Bar Exam Preparation for Third-Year Students

Every spring semester, Cincinnati Law offers a course specifically for third-year students preparing to take the bar exam.

This course focuses on ensuring students’ readiness for post-graduation bar exam preparation. Students will receive instruction, practice, and strategies for the UBE, but the skills will translate to state-specific bar exams as well. Students will practice these skills using previously administered essays from the MEE and MPTs and will receive detailed, personalized feedback. Students will also practice MBE-style questions throughout the semester. Although students will review some core legal concepts, the focus of this course will be on practicing and developing the skills necessary to pass a bar examination and enter the legal profession.

Note that this course is not intended to be a substitute for a commercial bar review course taken after graduation. A commercial bar review course reviews core concepts learned throughout law school as well as legal concepts not studied in law school and/or required by specific jurisdictions. Students should familiarize themselves with the bar exam requirements for the state in which they plan to take the exam.