Academic Success

At Cincinnati Law, we are here to support and guide you throughout your law school career, from your first year through the bar exam. We are proud to have designed an innovative program that supports your success, both in and out of the classroom.

First Year Students

As a first-year law student at Cincinnati Law, you are invited to participate in Structured Study Groups (SSGs). These groups, which meet twice weekly for one hour, are led by trained second- and third-year law students.

One meeting per week focuses on developing and applying study skills specific to law school (e.g., case study method, Socratic method, case briefing, outlining, memorization, legal analysis, time management).

The second weekly meeting focuses on strategies to improve exam preparation and performance, including work on practice exam questions. We have seen how weekly practice through the first semester of law school helps you understand and prepare for law school exams, which are the primary basis of your grades during the first year of law school.

Note that SSG leaders do not tutor or teach the law; rather, they will guide you as you develop the skills you need to teach yourself the law.

After the first semester, first-year students can schedule individual meetings or participate in a second-semester study group with the Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs.

Upper-Level Students

Second- and third-year students who want to enhance their academic performance can also schedule one-on-one meetings or attend subject-specific study groups with Cincinnati Law’s Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs.

Meetings allow for students to complete legal reading and writing exercises designed to help improve their analytical and writing skills, as well as, memorization exercises and quizzes designed to support strong exam performance.

In addition, upper-level students can schedule exam preparation meetings in the month before an exam period. During these meetings, students take practice exams, receive individual critiques of their work, focus on improving areas of weakness and learn strategies to enhance their exam performance.

In the month before registration, upper-level students may meet with the Director of Academic Success for help with class selection.

Bar Exam Preparation for Third-Year Students

Every Spring, Cincinnati Law offers a specialized course, Legal Analysis and Drafting: The Bar Exam, for third year students.

This course equips students to succeed on the written portions of bar examinations and prepares them for legal practice by developing and honing their skills in legal analysis, professional and effective written communication, principled advocacy and management of legal work. Students taking the course receive instruction, practice, critical peer review and coaching in these skills, then practice these skills using model and previously-administered essays and Multistate Performance Tests (MPTs).

The class also includes self-assessment exercises that help students determine their learning styles and manage time/work issues. The focus of this course is on building a strong foundation in the skills necessary to be successful on a bar exam.

Note that this specially developed course is not intended to substitute for a commercial bar review course taken after graduation. A bar review course reviews core concepts learned throughout law school and legal concepts not studied in law school or required by specific jurisdictions. Students should familiarize themselves with the bar exam requirements for the state in which they plan to take the exam.

In the month prior to Spring semester registration, upper-level students may meet with the Director of Academic Success for assistance selecting classes that are useful for the bar exam.