Instructions for Accessing and Submitting Scheduled Online Exams on TWEN

Scheduled, in-class exams have now become Scheduled Online Exams (SOEs). This memorandum provides an overview of the procedures for downloading/printing exam questions and uploading exam answers on TWEN.

General Instructions

1.    There is a password protected TWEN site for each final exam (“Final Exam TWEN Site”). The Final Exam TWEN Site is separate from any TWEN course pages your professor may have used this semester. You will receive the password for your course’s Final Exam TWEN Site the day before your scheduled exam.

2.    SOEs will be available on TWEN for 24 hours on the exam’s scheduled day. SOEs will be available for students to download on TWEN from 12:01 am EST until 11:59 pm EST on the scheduled exam day.

3.    Students may download/print final exam questions. Once on the Final Exam TWEN Site, students will click “Exam” on the left side of the page.

4.    Honor Code Acknowledgement. Before downloading/printing exam questions, students will acknowledge the Honor Code applies to the final exam and that they

  • a. will not spend more than the allotted time to complete my exam answer;
  • b. understand that all exam questions are confidential. They will destroy all copies of the exam questions, including hard copies and digital copies. They will not share copies of the exam questions with anyone; and
  • c. will complete the exam following the professor’s instructions and all student obligations under the honor code.

5.    All exams are open-book and no collaboration with another person unless expressly permitted by the professor. All exams will be open-book; however, students are not permitted to collaborate with any other person while completing an exam unless the professor expressly permits such collaboration.

6.    Professors will the specify time allowed to complete the exam. Time spent on the exam does not have to be consecutive. Your professor will specify in their exam instructions the maximum total time students have to spend on the exam. Students may allocate their time working on SOEs as they wish, provided they spend no more than the maximum time set by the professor. For example, if the maximum amount of time allocated for an exam is 3 hours, students may spend up to 3 hours (not necessarily consecutively) during the 24-hour period on the scheduled exam date to complete the exam. Thus, a student could work on the exam from 6:00 am to 8:00 am and then from 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm. It is the student’s responsibility to leave ample time to complete the exam. No extra time will be granted because a student downloads an exam late in the exam period.

7.    Technical difficulties, illnesses should be reported to the Registrar and Assistant Dean Rucker. Should you have any questions or problems during the exam period, contact the Registrar’s Office at and Assistant Dean Rucker at Because students may experience technical difficulties or illness outside regular business hours, Assistant Dean Rucker will consider the time the student sent the email to make any determinations about additional time to complete the exam, if appropriate.

Uploading Essay Exam Answers

8.    Save essay exam answers using your anonymous exam number. Students will save their essay exam answers in a Microsoft Word document. Essay exam answers should be saved using your anonymous exam number. Students should not include any identifying information in their exam answer.

9.    Upload exam answer using the “Submit” button by 11:59 pm EST. Students should upload their essay exam answers in “Assignments and Quizzes” using the “Submit” button. Answers must be uploaded by 11:59 pm EST on the day the exam is scheduled.

10.    Honor Code Acknowledgement. Before uploading your essay exam answer, students will complete a second Honor Code acknowledgement.

Submitting Multiple Choice Answers

11.    Complete multiple-choice answers on a separate piece of paper before submitting answers. Students should answer each multiple-choice question on a hard copy of the exam questions, or on a separate piece of paper before submitting their answers on the TWEN Final Exam Site.

12.    Submit multiple-choice answers using the virtual scantron under “Take Quiz”. When you complete your multiple-choice questions, students will submit their multiple-choice answers using the virtual scantron [exam name] on TWEN. Students will select “Take Quiz” under the virtual scantron for the multiple-choice question. For each corresponding question, you will enter the correct response (A, B, C, or D). The question will not appear in the quiz function, so it is important that you have completed all answers on a separate piece of paper before submitting your answers on the virtual scantron. Answers must be uploaded by 11:59 pm EST on the day the exam is scheduled.

13.    How to Change Answers on the Virtual Scantron. Once you submit your multiple-choice answer, you cannot change your answer on your virtual scantron. If you make an error, you will have to submit your answers again by starting the submission process again in TWEN. Your professor will only receive your last submission.

14.    Honor Code Acknowledgement. Before submitting multiple choice answers, students will complete a second Honor Code acknowledgement.