Grading Policy

Dean's List

The standard for qualification for the Dean's Honors List is a 3.33 grade point average determined each semester for work done in that semester by full-time students enrolled in at least 12 credit hours and flex-time students enrolled in at least 9 credit hours, except for the first year which is determined after the first full year.

Grades and Grade Averages

Information about grades and grade averages are detailed in Section 8 of the College of Law Rules.

Honors at Graduation

Latin Honors are presented to graduating students as follows: Summa Cum Laude to the top 5%, Magna Cum Laude to the top 15%, and Cum Laude to the top 30%.

Order of the Coif

Order of the Coif is a national law school honor society. To be eligible for election by the Faculty, a student's academic average for all six semesters must rank in the first tenth of the graduating class.

Procedure for Review of a Grade

The procedure for the review of a grade is outlined in Academic Evaluation Review Procedures.

Repeating Courses

Information about repeating of courses are detailed in Section 10 of the College of Law Rules

Ranking Transfer Students

Non-transfer students are ranked relative to one another based on their cumulative GPA. Transfer students are assigned a parallel rank by comparing their UC Law GPA to the upper-level UC Law GPA of other transfer students and non-transfer students. The calculation of GPAs for past/current/future LLM-JD transfers will include their LLM letter grades.

Student Prizes